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Hisense has released the first HIFI music player with an E INK screen. This device has stereo speakers that are both the same size and also has a 3.5mm headphone jack. It will play lossless audio and you can load in popular formats like FLAC. It runs on Android 11 so it’s easy to install HIFI streaming services like Tidal. Spotify said they will soon be offering their own HIFI streaming.

Obviously, if you’re looking to purchase this device, you’ll want to use it on the go as audiophiles will likely have their own wired setup at home where they can listen to HIFI audio. There are a couple of downsides, it doesn’t have a SIM or SD card to brag about the 128GB of internal storage. There are a number of advantages, however, it supports 32-bit / 384kHz audio and can be played at up to 122dB through the AAC dual 1216 stereo speakers or the 3.5mm headphone jack. The Hisense Touch Music Reader is priced at $ 339 and is available from the Good e-Reader Store.


The Hisense Touch has a 5.84 capacitive touchscreen E INK Carta HD display with a resolution of 1440 x 720 with 287 PPI. The phone is not recycled, based on an earlier design, but is completely new and fresh. It has square corners, similar to the old iPhones. It is made of a very durable aluminum. It has a front-lit display and a color temperature system with 32 LED lights.

Under the hood there is a Qualcomm quad-core processor, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. There’s a USB-C port to charge the device and WIFI to access the internet and download apps. This unit supports bluetooth 5.1, so you can connect a pair of headphones, but HIFI audio cannot be output via bluetooth because it uses different codecs. It is powered by a 3,500 mAh battery and supports 50 W fast charging. It is very light, the weight is 155g.

On the bottom of the device there are stereo speakers, AAC Dual 1216, which means that each speaker is exactly the same size. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 series smartphone speakers are different sizes, which means that the Hisense player will produce better sound. Basically we put a flagship iPhone and Android phone side by side and the Hisense blew them away, the audio output is basically doubled with no crackling or hissing. When Peter did his review, he had the loudspeakers fully turned up and could still hear it outside with the windows closed. The power button and volume buttons are on the right and the E INK button is on the left. The E INK key can be assigned to start any functions, such as an automatic page update, starting a specific app or calling up a web browser

The 3.5mm headphone jack is also crucial as wired connections give you the best audio experience. This is because lossless doesn’t work over Bluetooth, which is why everyone is upset that the AirPods Pro Max won’t work with Apple’s new lossless format.


Hisense bills this as a HIFI music player, but it can do a lot more. It runs on Android 11 and uses a brand new interface called Touch OS that makes every core function one big and bubbly square. This will start frequently used functions such as music player, audio settings, screen settings, system updates, etc. The main navigation is at the bottom of the page and offers shortcuts to the e-book reading app, music player, app menu and settings. I

This device has 4 different update modes which are similar to the Onyx Boox range of e-readers. The normal mode is Clear mode which gives you nice looking app icons, text and PDF image clarity. It also has the same A2 mode which degrades image quality and slightly increases performance. The two additional modes are SpeedX and X mode, which makes playing audio on Youtube or other streaming services extremely practical.

It is important to note that the Hisense Music Player is primarily aimed at the Chinese market and has a number of pre-installed apps as well as an app store full of them. Hisense has always made its E INK products internationally friendly and supports up to 46 different languages, including English. This means that all of the UI and UI are in your native language, which is crucial.

You can install your own app markets or apps on an individual basis. Since this product has no cameras, you cannot have video chats but audio chats like WhatsApp, Line or even WIFI calls with your friends. The Music Player is a typical Android plan, so you might want to install your own.

There are a number of HIFI settings that are disabled by default as they increase power consumption. It also has an EQ for Dirac sound. When you open this, the text says that the system has intelligently improved the overall sound quality of the speakers. After opening the headphones, sound details can be restored with high fidelity, making them clearer and more natural. Compatibility problems can occur with some HIFI audio sources. Supposedly, this setting is ideal for wearing headphones.

Wrap up

The Hisense Music Player Touch surprises with all senses The feel of the cool aluminum when unpacking, the appearance of a brand new form factor and the best speaker quality of all the smartphones we tested. No external speakers are required with the Hisense Touch as this unit gives you all the bass and decibel range you will ever need. I have a feeling it doesn’t quite know what it’s trying to be, but it definitely paves the way for creating the only device in its class. an e-paper music player.

Hisense touch music player


Hisense touch music player


  • Tremendous speaker quality
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • AE INK HIFI music player
  • Android 11
  • Easy to use


  • No expandable memory
  • No rear view camera
  • The operating system requires almost 30 GB of non-expandable memory



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