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  • The Kindle Cloud Reader is a browser-based Kindle eBook reader that you can use on your computer.
  • Your Amazon account automatically gives you access to the Cloud Reader.
  • You can purchase Kindle books from the Kindle Store link at the top of the Kindle Cloud Reader Library page.
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The Amazon Kindle is a popular tablet for reading e-books. When you buy Kindle books from Amazon, you can use the Kindle app for other mobile devices such as this iPhone, iPad, and Android. But Amazon gives you another easy way to read electronic books – with the Kindle Cloud Reader, which allows you to read your books in almost any web browser online.

How to set up and access Kindle Cloud Reader

If you have an Amazon account, you will automatically have access to the Kindle Cloud Reader; You can open it in any major web browser and log in with your Amazon account credentials.

Kindle Cloud Reader in Chrome

The Kindle Cloud Reader gives you access to all Kindle books that you have purchased from the Amazon Kindle Store.

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If you don’t already have an Amazon account, you’ll need to create one before you can use Kindle Cloud Reader. Go to Amazon and click Account & lists top right. In the drop-down menu under the New to Amazon? Section, click Create your Amazon account and follow the instructions to get started. Once you’ve created an account, the Kindle Cloud Reader is ready and waiting for you.

How to Add Books to Kindle Cloud Reader

You can add books to your Kindle Cloud Reader by purchasing e-books from Amazon.

In the Kindle Cloud Reader, do the following:

1. click Kindle Store at the top right of the page.

2. Browse or search for books. When you find one, click on it.

3. On the product page of the book, make sure that the Ignite Version is selected. Other expenses may also be listed, such as: B. paperback, hardcover and audio book.

Amazon in Chrome

All Kindle books that you buy from Amazon will appear in the Kindle Cloud Reader.

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4th Before you complete your purchase, you may find out that one Deliver to: Drop-down menu. It is not important to select a specific entry (like Kindle Cloud Reader). When you buy a Kindle book, it’s instantly available on all of your devices, including the Cloud Reader.

5. Buy the book as usual.

The new book should automatically appear in the Kindle Cloud Reader.

How to Read Books on Kindle Cloud Reader

Reading a book on Kindle Cloud Reader is easy – click the title you want to read. The book will open and you can flip through the book by clicking the arrow in the margin, using the keyboard arrow keys, or the space bar.

You can also customize the reading experience with a small menu. To display the menu, move the mouse pointer to the top or bottom of the page. Here are your options:

Kindle Cloud Reader in Chrome

Move the mouse to the top or bottom of the page to view menu options.

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  • Kindle and your library: Click either the Kindle logo or the Your Library button to return to your Library page and select a different book.
  • Go to the menu: This menu, which looks like three horizontal lines, allows you to go directly to specific parts of the book, such as the cover, the table of contents or a specific page.
  • show settings: In this menu you can change formatting and legibility options such as font size, margin size, page color and number of columns.
  • Toggle bookmarks: Click to bookmark (or un-bookmark) the current page.
  • View notes and highlights: This button displays a list of all pages with bookmarks, notes, and highlighted text.
  • Synchronize: Click this button to manually sync the current book so that any changes are up-to-date on any other device you want to read it on.
  • location: At the bottom of the page you will see a slider that shows where you are in the book. You can drag the slider to quickly move to a different location.

In addition to these menus, you can highlight text or add notes for future reference. To do this, mark the desired text with the mouse and you will see a pop-up menu. Choose To mark or note and enter a note if necessary.

How to Delete a Book from Kindle Cloud Reader

One disadvantage of using the Kindle Cloud Reader instead of the Kindle Mobile App is that the Cloud Reader can become cluttered with books, which can make it difficult to find a title that you want to read.

Unfortunately, if you want to organize Cloud Reader by deleting a book, you will have to permanently delete it from your Amazon account (so if you want to read it again you will have to buy it again). If you want to do this:

1. Open the Amazon website in a web browser.

2. Move the mouse pointer over it Account & lists and then click Content & devices from the drop down menu.

3. Select the check box for one or more books that you want to remove, and then click Extinguish at the top of the page.

Amazon in Chrome

To remove a book from Cloud Reader, you must delete it completely from your account.

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