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Tooth Race feels more like a battle for the soul of America than any other in recent history.

The country is embroiled in three historical crises at the same time. COVID-19, which has infected nearly 6 million Americans and killed more than 180,000 people, continues to rage with no clear end in sight just as the country’s schools begin to open.

One of the side effects of the virus has been an unprecedented economic shutdown that shut down hundreds of thousands of businesses, left millions unemployed and forced Congress to spend trillions of dollars on direct aid to people and businesses that simply couldn’t survive without government help.

The background to it all is a national uprising of protests – and occasionally riots with military force – against institutional racism and police brutality.

Needless to say, much is at stake with the upcoming election between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

The president’s response to all three crises is on the ballot as well as his controversial policies in everything from immigration and the Middle East to social media and education. Aside from the historical polarization that emerged from the most divisive presidency in modern history, there are the more prominent wedge issues such as abortion, gun control, and religious freedom over civil and gay rights.

Using a variety of sources including news reports, studies, political analysis, and candidates’ own political position statements on their campaign websites, Stacker compiled a list of 25 of the top topics of the day that featured President Donald Trump and former Vice President President Joe Biden likes them.

Here’s what readers need to know about each candidate’s position before they go to the polls on November 3rd.

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