Dimitris Ballas’ new book, A Day of Infamy, is an informative article aimed at bringing an end to the rampant lies and deception in which Americans live


Dimitris Ballas, a determined man with a big heart for the country, has completed his new book, A Day of Infamy: an honest and insightful discussion of the current state of the country. Here the author questions the government and claims that people’s lives have already turned into a vicious cycle. He also urges everyone to think, ponder and act.

Ballas shares: “In the 1940s, two monsters in Europe caused the destruction of mankind. They have been destroyed. At that time, another monster was born in America, destined to repeat the dead dream of white supremacy. Raised by a dictatorial father with a superiority complex, he dared to conquer the world. Financial success in the real estate business and false idolatry from the fake but powerful images of television drove the ambitious stud to enter the field of politics without any training in the field. A master liar with a great deal of narcissism, he managed to dupe the masses, as well as spineless Republicans, into accepting him as their master and leader. The worthless politicians sold their souls to the master liar by sacrificing everything they held sacred. Values ​​and morals were discarded and lying became the new mantra.

Four years of relentless slaughter of truth and glorification of lies by the Lord and his obedient slaves brought the land to its knees. Four years was enough for the country to survive.

Massive pro-democracy votes changed the course of history and restored democracy. White supremacy and systematic lying are coming to an end. The truth prevails.”

The intellectual reading of Dimitris Ballas, published by Page Publishing, makes strong points on ideologies, religion and politics. He believes that one must know how to criticize oneself and others in order to reach the ultimate truth.

Dimitris Ballas’ prose is absolutely captivating and insightful.

Readers who wish to experience this highly interesting work can do so to buy “A Day of Infamy” in bookstores everywhere or online in the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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