The new book “Simón Dice” by the author Carlos Mota follows the captivating journey of a fallen angel in the realm of mortals. |



NEW YORK, June 23, 2021 / PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE / – Carlos Mota, a brilliant writer, has completed his new book “Simón Dice”: a gripping story about Simón, a former heavenly being who finds himself in the confines of a mortal body and in a world ruled by chaos and temptation.

Carlos writes: “It is the adventure of Simón Troyano. A young mechanic involved in the oldest and most recent war that has ever been. The war between God and Luzbel that never ends Death in a hospital in the city Montreal Canada, will accept the deal of his life and tear his body apart so that a being as powerful as God Himself can go on his well-planned vacation in this world. Simón is preserved in the city of Hades, colossal, cosmopolitan, modern and orderly. There Simón will remain locked in the splendid and splendid villa of his host Luzbel. King of these domains. Simón will live a week full of fear, nerves, surprises and even love. When he uncovered a conspiracy to steal his kingdom from Luzbel in his absence. During his adventure in this other astral dimension, Simón will meet angels and demons and beings who are even older than God himself. Interaction in Montreal, in the human body of Simón Troyano, this previously heavenly being will quickly find that there are problems when we have something left over. His luxurious vacation is changed by the persecution and life in the rectory with two old priests who know who he is. With them he will enjoy many glasses of good wine and a lot of philosophical and biblical conversation full of curiosities, which is his specialty since it is about him. Trapped in this normal body and without the usual strength that it possesses in its dimension. This former heavenly angel will be made to fall in love, have carnal desires, feel compassion, laugh, tell jokes, and dance salsa and merengue. The fallen angel will learn to be human. Therefore he will receive love and give love, today even God can forgive him from the heart. “

Published by Seitenverlag, Carlos Motas The fascinating fiction opens up a journey about a fallen angel who is about to become an ordinary person on earth, with no place to run but here and with almost no one to run to alone.

This narrative will paint a picture of how the three realms affect an individual – mortal or not.

Readers who want to experience this great work can buy “Simón Dice” everywhere in bookstores or online in the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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