Alfred Ryal Jr.’s new book, Dude’s Book of Testimonies, is a brilliant read about a man’s faith, sincerity, and trust in the Creator


Alfred Ryals Jr., a man who was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, has completed his new book, Dude’s Book of Testimonies: an insightful and moving collection of stories based on one man’s life experiences. He talks about his faith and all the eye-opening encounters he’s ever had. Through these written testimonies he has expressed the affairs of his heart and soul.

Ryals Jr. shares, “This is a short story book based on my real-life testimonies; I wrote some of them as stories and others as questions I had and answers I received from Yah. I have had trouble speaking in church and in public because sometimes I stutter and stutter when I speak which makes me ashamed to give my testimony orally. So I decided that if I wanted others to hear my testimonies, I would have to write them and have others read them or read them aloud. I read these stories often. Even though these events happened in my life, they still give me hope and a sense of joy knowing that my Savior lives!

Peace, Love and Patience.”

Published by Page Publishing, Alfred Ryals Jr.’s Account is a thought-provoking work that inspires inspiration and confidence in the reader while providing a glimpse of one man’s life and faith through his personal stories.

Readers who wish to experience this stirring work can do so to buy Dude’s Book of Testimonies in bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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