Zillow turns ‘The Journey’ TV commercial into a children’s book



Zillow has turned his heartwarming, fantastic campaign, The Journey, which captures a child’s perspective of moving into a new home, into a children’s book.

Created with the advertising agency FIG, The girl who didn’t want to move tells the story of a fictional young girl named Iris and her imaginary friends Jupitus and Annika, who are moving into a new home. Iris and her friends reflect the place and travel through a dark forest and misty sea to a new and unknown place, unsure of what to expect.

The e-book, which is available from the Amazon Kindle Store and Apple Books and can be downloaded for free from the Zillow Customer Center, is designed to help children and parents deal with the doubts and fears that come with moving.

“Parents recognize the emotional undercurrent of moving, the acute sense of loss of what they leave behind and carry on,” said Bonnie Donaldson, director of brand marketing at Zillow. “We wanted to help parents understand that Zillow is more than just a home-hunting resource.”

In addition to Iris’s story, the book includes a parenting discussion guide on how to help children deal with change during a move, written by education, behavioral and parenting expert Reena B. Patel. While the book is available to download for free on Zillow’s resources page, all proceeds from sales on Amazon and Apple will be donated to Covenant House, a nonprofit that supports homeless youth.

“We’re showing that Zillow will be a trusted partner throughout the real estate and moving journey, and this book is just one proof of that,” said Donaldson.

According to a Zillow poll on the pandemic Big reshuffle, 14% of adults with children under 18 say they moved in the last year, compared to 9% of those without children. However, almost a third of parents feared their recent move would cause stress for their children.

However, when parents move, most say they are happier or have positive life events. 44% said their child could thrive in a new place and 81% agreed their recent move was worth it.

The girl who didn’t want to move is Zillo’s second published book, after The New York Times best seller Zillow Talk: Rewriting the Rubles of Real Estatewhich was released in 2015.

With “The Journey”, Zillow has taken a different path than most real estate companies, which aims to capture the emotional side of buying a home beyond the mere transaction.



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