With the Blinkist app, you can summarize eBooks in minutes



There may be no shortage of apps to help you browse eBooks or audiobooks. Here’s one though – the Blinkist app for Android and iOS . The app works in such a way that it provides the user with a brief summary of an eBook. Listening to the summary gives users an idea of ​​what the eBook is about without having to go through the entire eBook.

Each of the short excerpts, which are usually one for each chapter of an eBook, are about several minutes long. Listening to the snippets in a series can be like working through the entire eBook, which means users are able to work through an entire eBook in minutes instead of spending long hours on it.

All of this makes the Blinkist feel like the user is listening to an audiobook, even though it takes a lot less time. It can take hours to listen to an audiobook, but the Blinkist can make you feel like you are going through an entire eBook in just 15 minutes. This is also one of the greatest advantages of the app.

The developers behind Blinkist claim that the blinks the app creates for each eBook are similar to the movie trailers, which can give us an idea of ​​what the movie will look like. In this way, the Blinkist can also be very handy as it gives users a feel for what the eBook will look like.

However, using Blinkist to “read” an eBook can be considered a self-destructive exercise as users just make it through the interface without delving into the details. You won’t have the real magic that reading a book offers. This connection to the author about his writing would be seriously lacking in Blinkist, making the app a compromise at best.

Nevertheless, the app can also be useful for those who may have always wanted to read, but were unable to continue due to lack of time. Even those who do not have the patience to wait hours for the end of an eBook can benefit from the app. Of course, such users will still miss the real magic that lies in actually reading a book. Instead, they just get the gist of the entire book and nothing more.

In fact, such people can read multiple books in the time it takes avid readers to go through every single page of an eBook. However, it can be a topic of discussion if just going through the snippets can be enough to get the essence of the literary piece. Even with the app that offers the summary, this can in turn differ greatly from the impression the user would have had of the eBook if he had read it himself.

However, the app also has its own eBook store and is something users can resort to in case they want a more traditional reading experience, although the choice of eBooks is quite limited. Nonetheless, the app is free there, for those looking for Blinkist Premium they have to pay an annual subscription of $ 60. Among the many perks that the premium version offers are free access to 4,700+ eBook titles in case the user chooses to read more thoroughly instead of listening to the blinks.



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