The new book by the author Judy A. Ryder “The Little Gold Knight” is a lovable story of a brave little knight who finds a clever way past the dragon guarding the princess



Judy A. Ryder, elementary school teacher and native Catskillin, has finished her new book “The Little Gold Knight”: a lovable story of a brave little knight and a beautiful princess.

When the king realized that his little girl would fend off suitors, he sent her under the protection of the family dragon who guarded her aunt and uncle’s castle. Many a knight tried in vain to eliminate the dragon in order to get to the princess, and each of them was defeated by the powerful pet. A brave little knight is delighted by the beautiful singing voice of the princess and sets out to win her heart.

Judy A. Ryder’s heartwarming story, published by Page Publishing, proves that kindness wins over violence.

When the little knight meets the dragon, he tries to get past his sleeping form, but wakes the dragon when he drops his sword. The dragon uses his armor to reflect the sun, is frightened and runs away. The princess is struck by the knight’s tactics as she loves the pet kite.

Readers who want to experience this bizarre work can to buy “The Little Gold Knight” everywhere in bookstores or online in the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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