The MBD Group celebrates the 77th Founder’s Day with full force


July 11, 2022 2:00 p.m IS

New Delhi [India] July 11 (ANI/NewsVoir): MBD Group, a brand synonymous with quality, trust and professionalism, whether in education, EdTech, hospitality, real estate, capacity building, design, construction or any of its other industries, celebrated celebrated their 77th Founders Day birthday today with zeal and excitement. This day marked the 77th birthday of its visionary founder, Ashok Kumar Malhotra – a generous personality difficult to describe in a few words! It is Malhotra’s drive for education for all, his undying passion for change and his mission to unite the MBD family team members with warmth and unity.
To celebrate this momentous occasion, a number of CSR activities were carried out, such as: B. Plantation tours in various locations, snack and film screenings for the distribution of rations to underprivileged children and special lunches in retirement homes, the establishment of a library for underprivileged children and much more.
MBD Group has distinguished itself as a socially responsible brand that has always believed in creating positive relationships with the world around it. They have remained consistently active in terms of their corporate social responsibility, with an ideology centered on providing resources to those in need. The group drives all CSR initiatives under My Best Deeds, managed by a dedicated Volunteer Committee and supported by respective Corporate Social Responsibility advocates in multiple industries on a pan-India basis. Additionally, through the AKM Charitable Trust, MBD Group is expanding its support to projects such as Empowering Girl Child with Education, Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and more.
Malhotra firmly believed in the power and potential of education. He believed that there could be no better catalyst than education to bring about the necessary enlightenment and empowerment in society. This belief had driven him to write and self-publish a book called General Education when he was only thirteen! The making of the book proved to be a life changing event for him and gave a new impetus to his vision and dreams. He has worked really hard and made a name for himself in a variety of fields such as Publishing, Printing, EdTech, Hospitality, Retail, Real Estate, Capacity Building and Design and Construction not only in India but also abroad. However, one thing that set Malhotra apart and earned him a great deal of respect and recognition from everyone he met was his innate desire to give more and share more and create prosperity for all. He has never shied away from helping those in need, whether it be his MBD team or society at large. He always believed that the will to help others is the key to spreading hope and positivity, and where there is positivity, success comes naturally! and that’s why, according to our founder, MBD stands for My Best Deeds alongside Moving Beyond Dreams.
The main goal behind this year’s Founder’s Day celebration was to come together and celebrate our Founder’s vision as one united and happy MBD family.
“Each year as MBDians come together to remember and rekindle the values ​​and belief system laid down by Ashok Kumar Malhotra, my heart swells with pride. In fact, the speed at which MBD Group is achieving milestones means the onward journey will continue to be healthy and fulfilling. We will reaffirm the promise to follow Malhotra’s vision and values ​​and celebrate Founder’s Day with full enthusiasm and grandeur,” said Satish Bala Malhotra, Chairman of MBD Group.
“We hope that the Founder’s Day celebrations will provide our employees with a much-needed break and help them bond more strongly as one MBD family and encourage conversation and communication, something we believe we have been able to successfully achieve” , said Monica Malhotra Kandhari, Managing Director of MBD Group.
On that occasion, Sonica Malhotra Kandhari, Joint Managing Director of MBD Group said, “As an organization driven by its people-first vision, MBD Group values ​​and thrives on personal connections and a sense of belonging among its employees. We have always upheld the goal of giving back to society in any way we can. We took this Founder’s Day as an incentive to march even stronger as a team and with much more vigor towards our goals.”
MBD Group’s 77th Founder’s Day celebrations would be incomplete without a mention of “MBD Got Talent” and “MBD Olympiad,” both announced in early June.

MBD Got Talent was designed to help MBDians achieve work-life balance and provide them with a platform to showcase their talents and skills outside the spectrum of their professional roles and work profiles in activities such as dancing, singing, gardening, mimicry, arts and crafts to present and much more. Attractive cash prizes awaited the winner. On the other hand, the MBD Olympiad was held on June 30, 2022 for 6th to 8th grade students with the aim of encouraging and motivating young minds to recognize and improve their scientific temperament and analytical thinking skills in math and science. The MBD Olympiad was a great success with over 20,000 students taking part. The winner would be awarded.
Since its inception in 1956, the MBD Group has grown into a leading publisher, publishing books for all grades, all subjects and major bodies in multiple languages; National and international. With advances in technology, MBD also evolved to complement the new age of digital publishing, and MBD’s digital content has over 7 million users. In addition, MBD Disha, the flagship teacher capacity building program, trains nearly 70,000 teachers annually. The group is also the pioneer in introducing AR, VR and robotics in India. On the traditional training front, MBD Skills has been a pioneering initiative in skills development for IT, ITES and hospitality. Over 35,000 people have been trained and the goal is to offer a qualification to 1 million people by 2025.
Aasoka, MBD’s personalized learning app, provides students with quality learning materials in the form of e-books, audio lessons, video lessons, online assignments and assessments. The app is based on the latest educational research and innovations in teaching methodology to capture students’ attention and curiosity, and to encourage and motivate them to learn more and learn more. Additionally, the recently launched Aasoka Learning and Teaching Solutions (ALTS) provide endless opportunities for students to learn effectively and for teachers and school leaders to accomplish their tasks with ease. Students can also access physical books.
It was the vision of founder Ashok Kumar Malhotra that on November 21, 2003, MBD Group decided to move from an education conglomerate into the hospitality sector and open the “Radisson Blu MBD Hotel”, the first five-star luxury hotel in Noida. Last year the hotel completed 18 glorious years of providing the finest hospitality and impeccable service. During his distinguished tenure, the hotel has set new standards, receiving numerous awards and accolades for its exceptional performance and impeccable hospitality services, and has established a reputation to be reckoned with.
After the successful debut in this field, the group repeated the success of Radisson Blu MBD Noida by venturing to Ludhiana and opening the first five-star hotel in the city of Radisson Blu MBD Ludhiana. Continuing the journey, the group also became a joint venture partner of Germany’s largest hotel chain, Steigenberger, with “MBD Zepyhr, Bangalore” being the first Icon Steigenberger in India. With this partnership, the group began operating luxury hotels under management contracts. The group has also launched a pioneering mid-market brand ‘MBD Express’ as well as numerous successful F&B brands such as RED, Made in India, The Chocolate Box and many more.
The MBD Group leadership team believes strongly in recognizing the efforts of their team by recognizing exceptional performers for their contribution to the Group’s success. They say this is an excellent morale-boosting activity. For this reason, MBDians are recognized and awarded at regular intervals. During the 77th Founders Day, the group announced some important awards in categories like Ashok Kumar Malhotra Employee of the Year Remarkable Contribution Award, ASM of the Year and Branch of the Year etc. Such awards work miraculously in terms of employee productivity, retention and satisfaction.
MBD Group is moving towards success after 7 decades in the edutech and education industry and has widely spread its wings in other areas such as paper manufacturing, ICT infrastructure, hospitality, real estate and retail development, among others. The MBD Group continues to be an established name in the corporate world with its unparalleled levels of service and intent to redefine the many elements that are part of our daily lives.
Our founder, Ashok Kumar Malhotra, started a bookshop in Jalandhar, Punjab in 1956 and today, under his leadership, we are a conglomerate of Publishing, Printing, EdTech, Papermaking, Notebooks, Skills Development, Capacity Building, Exports, Hospitality & Design & Construction, Food and beverages as well as housing and commercial space operating in India and abroad.
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