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From a fleet of ocean-going vessels to Australia’s first major airline to a number of car dealerships, lumber mills, hotels and food processing plants, the Holyman name has a long and fascinating history in Tasmania. But considering how busy they were from generation to generation from the 1850s to the end of the 20th century, who would have the time to tell the full story? An attempt was made, with a leather-bound manuscript of personal and business records completed in 1956 by Sydney author Frank Johnston, but it was not converted to print. However, two books will be open to the public in 2021 detailing the rich history of the Holyman name – first with Johnston’s work for the first century, and now author and historian Julian Burgess has completed the picture with the publication of Holyman’s of Bass Strait . Mr Burgess said the Holymans are synonymous with doing business in Tasmania, but there is still much to be discovered about the size of their business empire. “There were business relationships that you don’t think of, [like] North motors. Holymans had the first Datsun dealer in Australia with its dealers in Tasmania, “he said. The Launceston factory was producing 10,000 cans a day, with the total output of all five Tasmanian factories being 200,000. IN OTHER NEWS:” I thought, ‘Wow, is what happens in Launceston? ‘ There is no trace of that factory in Launceston now. “He was accompanied by Robin Holyman – the great-great-grandson of William Holyman who disembarked in George Town in 1854 to start a family business dynasty – for the start in Petrarch’s Bookshop on Monday. Robin Holyman started working for the family business in 1959 and said there was always a desire to make sure the story was told – especially to recognize the role the Holymans played in starting Australian National Airways history is not necessarily to me, but I am a great-grandfather and it is very important for our descendants that they write history, “he said.” We had a 15-year-old grandson at our house the other night, who is looked at the book and said, ‘I didn’t know you were in the aviation business.’ ”My dad took five hours of recording so Julian was able to incorporate some of it, which makes it a very special makes ympathic history. ” Holyman’s of Bass Strait is available in Tasmanian bookstores.



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