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The above quote is true because reading is meant to brighten the mind with a lot of learning and knowledge and to bring a broader perception into our mind. Reading opens so many doors to a larger vocabulary, more knowledge, better communication skills and much more. If you are a reader yourself, you know the effect bookmarking has on a person and how one can become addicted to the reading habit. It helps you to grow mentally and emotionally and boosts your confidence in different areas of life.

Books are considered our best friends. Because friends are an integral part of life and they enrich our minds with the deepest knowledge, sometimes they guide us and teach us many things. In the same way, books always support us, and if we read them carefully, the knowledge contained in a book can be as important to us as a best friend is to our lives. There are several book and reference apps that you can use to discover numerous books in different genres, meet and get inspired by like-minded people, and even share book recommendations with others. That is why today we present you the best reference books and reference apps for iOS and iPhone.

Here is the list of the best reference books and apps for iOS and iPhone

Amazon Kindle

The free Kindle app for iOS is a great e-reading app that seamlessly connects to your Amazon account. It does an excellent job of delivering eBooks, has easy access to Amazon’s massive library of downloadable works, and comes with a few bells and whistles to enhance your overall mobile reading experience. The app opens to the main screen with lists. Best sellers, editors’ picks, and samples of popular books available for review.

In addition, the main screen displays the books associated with your Amazon account, all arranged in a 3D carousel interface. From here you can click or type on the book to open additional options. go to the beginning of the book, go to the last page read, or delete it from the device. The long click menu also gives you a great option to get book attachments provided by Shelfari. Book inserts are community-created facts designed to provide helpful information to readers as they read. However, the rest of the app’s controls are in the menu that slides to the left.

apple books

Apple Books offers a high-quality eBook and audiobook reading experience for iPad and other iOS devices. Since its launch as iBooks in January 2010, the app has evolved into a sophisticated reading app. But how does Apple Books compare to so many other eBook apps available for iPad and iPhone? While the Apple Books app has an eBook store, the app is a versatile eBook reader. You can read common types of text files with applications like ePub and PDF. The only eBook format that Apple Books cannot read is the Kindle format. This flexibility is important because it gives you multiple ways to read things from multiple sources.


The NOOK app for iPhone is a huge improvement over Barnes and Noble’s previous effort called Reader. NOOK offers all the essential reading and customization features you’d expect from a good eBook reading app and integrates nicely with the Barnes & Noble web store. There’s a feature to search for specific words in the book, rotation lock, changing font style and size, and the ability to bookmark pages for later reference.

It would be great if you could buy books directly from the app in the store, but for now, like the Amazon app, NOOK only allows you to download patterns in the app. To purchase a book, you must use a computer or mobile web browser. There are many free NOOK books that you can get for your NOOK app.


The app allows you to learn from the best non-fiction books at a speed that no one can beat. And it’s not a speed reading app. It’s a lot smarter than that. Blinkist offers summaries of over 3,000 best-selling books in various categories, including Careers, Society & Culture, Nature & Environment, Health, Entrepreneurship, Education, Business, Creativity, Leadership or Communication Skills.

Each of the books is expertly distilled into 15-minute readings available in both text and audio. The company adds 40 new titles every month, so you’ll never run out of ideas for what to read next. The iOS app lets you switch seamlessly between audio and text, so you can always keep going no matter what you’re doing. There’s an offline mode, Send to Kindle feature, and the ability to sync Highlights to Evernote.

Google Play Books

Google Play Books is the only app you need to buy to enjoy ebooks, audiobooks, comics and manga. Choose from millions of best-selling ebooks, comics, manga, textbooks and audiobooks. Download your book to read or listen to on the go. Books are indeed a great companion. We can use them in our free time to avoid boredom.

However, if you read a lot of books, carrying multiple books with you is quite inconvenient, especially if you travel a lot. Fortunately, there is the Google Play Books app. With this app you don’t have to carry books around anymore and you can read many books by different authors on one device. Even if you have a collection of books, you don’t need to bother choosing which ones to take with you. With just a tap, you’ll have access to numerous, if not unlimited titles.


There are several better or worse iOS apps that offer direct access to free ebooks. On the one hand, most of these books are public property, i.e. classic titles. If you prefer to read modern books for free and give authors a chance, you should try a special app called Inkitt. Downloaded by over 700,000 users worldwide, this free app is the most popular free book app in 5 countries.

Once you download Inkitt to your iPad or iPhone, you can access over 100,000 novels and stories by thousands of Indian authors at no additional cost. You will be surprised how many wonderful books you can read without paying a single cent. Use a handy genre selector tool to narrow your search results to a topic that interests you. The app also offers personalized book recommendations based on the genres you choose.

fast reader

The QuickReader app offers an impressive virtual library that is ideal for travel, commuting, or educational purposes. This access to millions of e-books is certainly one of QuickReader’s unique selling points. It’s a customizable e-reader on the one hand and a tool that you can use to learn how to improve your reading speed on the other. Integrates with Instapaper to save webpages for later reading and iBookshelf.

Get the most out of your eBooks every day by taking full advantage of online apps. The QuickReader app is highly customizable to perfect your reading experience. Increase your focus on word segments and gradually increase your reading speed as you track your progress.


Some book reading apps provide basic stats that measure reading progress, how long it takes to finish a book, or reading speed. However, if you want to learn more about your reading habits or stay motivated, you should choose a more advanced app. This is similar to the Runkeeper app for book lovers. The aim is to give you a broad understanding of how you read books and how your reading develops.

You can schedule reading sessions and they will be included in the reading calendar for you to view over time. The scheduling tool lets you schedule how often you want to read each book, and if you want to keep up, the app will remind you to read it. An even more powerful tool allows you to finish reading a book by a specific date. Just set a deadline and the app will tell you how many and how many pages you need to read per day to finish before that date. Over time, the app adjusts your reading schedule.


Are you looking for an iOS app that offers unlimited access to ebooks, audiobooks and magazines for monthly or yearly subscriptions? One program, not two or three? Your first option is the Amazon Kindle app with a Kindle Unlimited membership. The thing is that the app doesn’t have an audiobook player installed. To do this, you need to go to the Audible app. Instead of sharing between the Kindle and Audible apps, go to the Scribd platform once and for all.

The Scribd app for iPad and iPhone gives you unlimited access not only to eBooks and audiobooks, but also to popular magazines. The catalog contains more than 1 million titles, including many reissues and bestsellers. In addition, Scribd offers access to the world’s largest document library. There are more than 60 million titles, including government reports, textbooks, essays or academic dissertations. You can download the content to your iPad or iPhone so you can enjoy it without an internet connection. You can make notes, add bookmarks, or highlight text. The app interface is clean and easy to use. You can customize fonts and themes.

Final Words: Best Books and Reference Apps for iOS and iPhone

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