The Amazon app does NOT sell Kindle eBooks! Here’s why


Kindle eBook is not available through your Amazon app. But buyers in India can still buy it! expertise.

Amazon has made it difficult for readers to buy Kindle eBooks! In particular, Amazon previously did not allow iPhone users to purchase Kindle eBooks through the iOS Amazon app. And now, Android users are also prohibited from purchasing Kindle eBooks through the app. So if you used to visit Amazon to buy a new Kindle eBook, now you can’t! If you try to purchase a Kindle book through the Amazon Android app, it will redirect to a new page explaining why the purchase option is not available.

Here’s how it worked: When you select Kindle for any e-book on an iOS device, the Amazon app only offers the option to download a sample. It is claimed that this software does not support the purchase of Kindle eBooks. Users then have to go directly to the Amazon website to purchase their Kindle book. Well, unfortunately, Android users now have to follow the same trick.

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Why Amazon Kindle books will no longer be available for Android users

The move comes in tandem with Google’s new policy requiring app developers to adopt the Play Store’s billing system rather than their own. Google has said it will take action against apps that don’t meet its billing criteria. As of June 1, Google said it would begin removing apps from the Play Store if developers didn’t follow the company’s criteria. For this reason, as of April 1st, Amazon’s Android app no ​​longer supports the purchase of audible audiobooks. It also means app creators can no longer avoid Google’s 30 percent tax on subscriptions and purchases made through the app.

You can still buy Kindle eBooks in India!

Well, people in India can still buy the Kindle e-books through the Android app. Indian users can see the option to purchase Kindle eBooks. This is because Google has extended the deadline for implementing the Play Store billing system in India to October 2022. Well, there is another way! Not only Indian users but all Kindle fans can buy e-books through the browser on your computer or laptop. However, to do this, you need to visit and go to the “Kindle E-Readers and eBooks” option to browse Kindle e-books.


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