The 19 best James Baldwin books ranked by Goodreads member



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  • James Baldwin (1924-1987) was an American writer and activist.
  • He wrote critical essays and classic fiction that shed light on racism in America.
  • We used Goodreads to identify the 19 most popular books by James Baldwin.

James Baldwin was an American writer and activist known in America for his passions for race, sexuality, and class. A central voice in the civil rights and gay liberation movement, Baldwin is critical of the racism that prevailed in almost every facet of society, from relationships to politics to cinema. Regardless of the medium, his work is considered honest, insightful and passionate.

We used Goodreads Rankings to identify the most popular James Baldwin books. With over 125 million members, Goodreads members can rate and review their favorite works. Whether you’re looking to explore Baldwin’s compelling collections of essays, powerful novels, or an insightful play, here are some of his best works, sorted by Goodreads member.

The 19 Best James Baldwin Books, According to Goodreads Members:



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