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Released: Oct 27, 2021 at 7:05 am MDT|Updated: 3 hours ago

Erin Rafferty becomes her own million dollar boss by escaping her from nine to five.

TORONTO, October 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Erin Rafferty, AKA “Ecom Era”; converts their profits into progress for women who want to get into e-commerce. “There is a gap in the representation of women in e-commerce,” says Rafferty. “It’s time we changed that.”

Erin Rafferty

Erin found herself a single mother in her late teens who struggled to navigate the corporate world while juggling her son and a seemingly growing pile of unmanageable debt. Tired of living in survival mode, she took a huge risk and quit her nine-to-five period. After the purchase $ 800 worth of ring lights and sold them for a profit on the Facebook marketplace, a lightbulb went off in her head. Erin opened her own Shopify store and quickly learned how dropshipping can generate passive income. In her first 12 months in the online e-commerce world, she generated 50,000 orders and sold for $ 2.3 million. Now, after three years of her entrepreneurial experimentation, it is safe to say that her life is completely different from earlier times when she had two jobs and was still unable to afford both daycare and rent has changed.

Currently, Erin is best known for her content creation on TikTok. She went viral massively for breaking the marketing tactics of the likes of the Kardashians and giving her audience hands-on tips on financial literacy. Obtaining and inspiring more than 300,000 followers on Instagram and TikTok.

“If small businesses don’t start gaining market share in e-commerce, big businesses that are already dominant will be a thing of the past,” she notes. “Raising awareness that e-commerce is accessible to anyone with a strong work ethic has never been more important to the future of the small business industry and to competition and options how we, the consumers, spend our money.”

Regarding herself as an anti-guru – instead of sharing fairy-tale travel photos, fancy cars, and getting rich quick plans – Erin shares what it really takes to make life-changing money in e-commerce from digital marketing a brand to life.

“She was so helpful,” exclaimed a satisfied customer after downloading Erin’s eBook. “I downloaded Erin’s business plan guides and made a coaching call. It was so encouraging and straightforward. It gave me the tools I need to know exactly where to start my ecommerce business.”

Erin shares what led her to this leap of faith. “My pursuit of freedom was the driving force behind starting my company. The freedom to treat customers and employees fairly and with a progressive and modern mindset of working from home. It was a revolutionary concept back in 2018 – not so much in 2021. ”She laughs.

Work-life balance makes better businesses and better lives. Toxic corporate culture is no longer acceptable. We are in the midst of a workplace revolution. It is time to fill the e-commerce void and give consumers and business owners more choice and options. “

Above Erin Rafferty

Erin Rafferty, known as Erin Elizabeth and “Ecom Era, “ is a self-made millionaire, e-commerce entrepreneur, marketing expert and popular content creator.

Erin was nominated for an RBC Women of Influence Award and featured on Business Insider. Money freak, and Influencing.

To learn more, visit Erin on TikTok @ecomera and Instagram @erin_ecomera.

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