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LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Socialive, the self-service corporate video content creation platform, today announced the next-generation Socialive platform, providing a unified platform for companies and high-growth businesses to create, broadcast, and distribute studio-quality video content. Based on Dual Recording Technology â„¢, the next generation Socialive platform is the industry’s first solution to combine the different technologies required for live broadcasts and high quality remote recording. Now companies can produce high-end video for live broadcasts while simultaneously creating isolated recordings (ISOs) of up to 20 individual guests in perfect 1080p HD quality. These ISOs – captured via local devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers – are automatically uploaded to the cloud-based Socialive Recordings Library, where they can be reused for on-demand video content once the live broadcast is complete. This makes it easy to create dynamic live video experiences while maintaining the authenticity of live video for on-demand content.

“Video has become the new standard for storytelling and audience communication in companies. Historically, producing high-quality video content in distributed organizations and regions has been incredibly complex, requiring a variety of different, expensive tools and specialized skills, “said David Moricca, Founder and CEO of Socialive. “The next generation Socialive platform is fundamentally changing the way video content is created in the company. With our dual recording technology, customers can easily record remotely – live or on demand – to get the most out of their video investments and increase business value. ”

As companies around the world seek new ways to connect with audiences across remote and dispersed employees, the demand for high quality, authentic video experiences, especially within companies, has skyrocketed. However, producing great videos on a large scale while adhering to brand standards can be challenging for many companies that lack the budget, team capacity, and in-house expertise. With Socialive, organizations can simplify video creation workflows to create, send, and distribute studio-quality content in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional video creation and distribution. On average, customers spend $ 150 per video on Socialive, compared to a minimum of $ 5,000 per video using traditional video production methods. Socialive also cuts the average time spent creating, transmitting, and distributing video content in half.

In addition to the capabilities of dual recording technology, Socialive also announced significant advances in existing platform capabilities, including:

  • Studio in the Cloud â„¢: With cloud-based video production, Socialive Studio in the cloud enables content creators and video producers across the enterprise to create high-quality live and on-demand video content from anywhere with any device, including smartphone or tablet. The studio in the cloud offers teams of all skill levels the opportunity to produce high quality video content without the traditional effort of expensive hardware or complex software.
  • Virtual green space: The Socialive Virtual Green Room is developing beyond the traditional green rooms of on-site production studios and enables optimized remote communication between video producers and talents and ensures the highest possible quality for remote video production. The Virtual Green Room production experience enables video producers to easily coordinate with on-air talent before, during, and after a live show or recording session. This makes it easy and hassle-free for presenters to participate in video, while providing the control and enterprise-class performance of a live studio for producers.
  • Recording library: The cloud-based Socialive Recordings Library enables video producers to easily obtain, cut and edit video content from one central location. Once a transfer ends, all HD video files are automatically saved to the recording library with no manual file transfer required. Unlimited storage ensures teams always have access to the files they need, anytime. In addition to the composite broadcast, Socialive automatically records all ISO feeds so that content creators can easily create and combine clips for ongoing content creation.
  • Mobile functions: The latest enhancements to the Socialive mobile app make it easier than ever to capture and transfer videos from any device anywhere in the world, regardless of network connection. Socialive’s updated mobile capabilities include a more immersive user experience, larger video displays, and the ability for guests to record at their own time and asynchronously contribute video content to the cloud-based recording library.

“We are no longer restricted in creating video across our organization, ”said Bailey Fisher, Qualtrics senior digital marketing specialist. “With Socialive we were able to significantly expand our video strategy in order to intensify the cooperation with our employees and partners. The self-service platform has an enormous impact internally as it enables anyone to improve their content and become a video producer – without prior experience in video production. ”

Together with the next generation socialive video content creation platform, the company announced its vision for enterprise video transformation, a third wave of digital transformation characterized by the ubiquitous use of video for storytelling and audience communication in the company. Socialive also announced the results of its 2021 State of Enterprise Video: Creation, Broadcast, Dissemination Report.

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Social forces enable the creation of video content in-house for the company. It’s the fastest, easiest way to create, stream, and distribute unlimited, studio-quality live and on-demand video. The Socialive platform provides content producers and everyday business users with intuitive, professional video production workflows, lowering the barrier to entry and increasing employee-generated video output. Videos allow brands to engage with people in fresh, dynamic ways, but it’s difficult to produce great videos on a large scale while maintaining brand standards – budget, team capacity and in-house expertise can be tight. Just-in-time production with Socialive unlocks use cases for videos that build human connections through relatable content and turn video into a powerful engagement channel for employee, customer and partner communities to strengthen brand loyalty and corporate culture . Socialive’s Studio in the Cloud â„¢ and integrated Virtual Green Room preserve the authenticity of live video while streamlining the end-to-end process from creation to delivery, consolidating the number of tools traditionally required for video production will. Mobile-friendly and easy to use, Socialive helps bring different people and perspectives together to amplify voices that are spread across organizations and regions. The platform’s industry-first remote recording capability captures high quality video anywhere from any device with complete enterprise-grade control. Leading and high-growth companies like Charles Schwab, Deloitte, Nike, Oracle, TikTok, The New York Times, Walmart, and Zendesk use Socialive to drive business value through better, more frequent video creation. Hit the moment with Video. â„¢



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