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Putnam County Public Library recently released their list of newly acquired books for June. They include: “


Abrams, Stacey: “While Justice Sleeps”

Adams, Ellery: “Murder in the Cookbook Corner”

Barclay, Linwood: “Find You First”

Blackstock, Terri: “Aftermath”

Boschwitz, Ulrich: “The Passenger”

Brown, Carolyn: “Hummingbird Lane”

Brown, Dale: “Arctic Storm Rising”

Brunstetter, Wanda: “Return to the Big Valley”

Cameron, Marc: “Bone Rattle”

Carr, Jack: “The Hand of the Devil”

Clipston, Amy: “The Jam and Jelly Nook”

Cussler, Clive: “The Saboteurs”

Dave, Laura: “The last thing he told me”

Feng, Linda: “Swim back to the trout river”

Blume, Amanda: “Lemon Drop Dead”

Fraser, Jackie: “The Second Chance Bookstore”

Gates, Eva: “Deadly Forever”

Gnuse, AJ: “Girl in the Walls”

Graham, Heather: “The Unforgiven”

Gray, Shelley Shepard: “An Amish Surprise”

Hagberg, David: “Gambit”

Haines, Carolyn: “Independent Bones”

Hart, Carolyn: “Ghost blows a kiss”

Henry, Emily: “People We Meet On Vacation”

Hilderbrand, Elin: “Golden Girl”

Hoffmann, RJ: “Other People’s Children”

Host, Sunny: “Summer on the Bluffs”

Hunter, Stephen: “Basil’s War”

Jance, JA: “Unfinished business”

Jenoff, Pam: “The woman with the blue star”

Johansen, Iris: “The Ball”

Jonasson, Ragnar: “The girl who died”

Kubica, Mary: “Local woman missing”

Lippman, Laura: “Dream Girl”

Lupica, Mike: “Repayment”

McDowell, Christina: “The Cave Dwellers”

Michaels, Fern: “Hidden”

Patterson, James: “21. Birthday”

Patterson, James: “The President’s Daughter”

Reid, Taylor Jenkins: “Malibu Rising”

Roberts, Nora: “Legacy”

Sardar, Gian: “Take what you can carry”

Shaara, Jeff: “The Eagle Claw”

Snelling, Lauraine: “The seeds of change”

Weiner, Jennifer: “This Summer”

Weisberger, Lauren: “Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty”

Woods, Stuart: “Jackpot”


Borba, Michele: “Thrivers”

DeSilva, Jeremy: “First Steps”

Garnett, Kevin: “KG: A to Z”

Ginsburg, Ruth Bader Justice: “You should pursue justice”

Gordon-Reed, Annette: “Am Juneteenth”

Klobuchar, Amy: “Antitrust Law”

O’Reilly, Bill: “Kill the Mob”

Revenson, Jody: “Making Magic”

Strauss, Gwen: “The Nine”

Synnott, Mark: “The Third Pole”

Todd, Kim: “Sensational”

Tumulty, Karen: “The Triumph of Nancy Reagan”

Unger, Craig: “American Compromise”

Zelikow, Philip: “The less traveled route”



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