Irishman Abroad Podcast – When Can We Fly To Ireland Without Fear?



Podcast recommendations are hard to come by, but one Irish podcast – Irishman Abroad – has stayed consistent over the past 8 years. This week is no exception.

When can we fly home to Ireland without fear? Jarlath Regan and the Irishman Abroad Podcast posed this question to one of Ireland’s most successful aviation pioneers this week, and the answer may surprise you.

Irish aviation innovator and philanthropist Declan Ryan sits down with Jarlath Regan to discuss how to deal with the pandemic and how it will affect our travel. Ryan, who founded Ryanair with his family in the 1908s, has some comforting words for those concerned about returning to Ireland.

This is Declan Ryan’s second appearance on the World’s Greatest Irishman Abroad Podcast. In 2019, he spoke to Regan about his early life, his path from pilot to CEO and the reasons why Ireland dominates the aviation business.

This episode can be found here on Sunday 18th July or here in advance on July 17th.

The Irishman Abroad Podcast gave listeners plenty of food for thought during this week’s extraordinary episodes.

Irish in America with Marian McKeone.

That Friday, Jarlath was accompanied by US correspondent Marion McKeone to investigate the big business of imprisonment in America. The Irishman In America series is one of the most popular spin-off series from the award-winning original podcast.

McKeone’s focus since the election has been on the biggest scandals in American history. The scandal series, which covers Lewinsky, Enron, police brutality and more, is a must-see.

Ire runs abroad with Sonia O'Sullivan.

Ire runs abroad with Sonia O’Sullivan.

Not happy with two podcasts topping the charts, Jarlath Regan and The Irishman Abroad brought us an Olympic legend with the last summer Irishman Running Abroad Podcast.

Regan, an avowed run-hater, agreed to be coached by Sonia O’Sullivan from the couch for 3 miles. Over the past year, the former world champion and world record holder has helped thousands of listeners and Jarlath to a new running event every month.

This week, O’Sullivan revealed the secrets athletes use to eat right and stay in shape. The Cobh Athletics Supremo even gave us a look at their shopping list.

The selection box with Joan Lucey.

The selection box with Joan Lucey.

Another institution in Cork was the focus of the Irishman Abroad Arts and Culture Podcast on Thursday when Jarlath traveled to Vibes & scribes, an independent bookstore that grew from a small Macroom store to Bookstore of the Year 2015.

Joan Lucey shared the incredible story of how, as a recently unemployed single mom, she decided to just get started. Vibes & Scribes now has two beautiful outlets in the center of Cork and hosts regular writing events. Prior to the pandemic, former President Mary Robinson hosted an event in the store. Joan Lucey told Jarlath how this came about.

If you’re interested in books and human stories, this is it Mini-series selection box has become a weekly treat that has grown in strength with each episode. Next week, Will De Burca of De Burcas Rare Books meets with Jarlath to discuss a family business that began when his father found a rare book in Castlebar.

The entire Irishman Abroad series and the complete back catalog are indispensable for any Irish person abroad or anyone with a touch of Irish in their hearts. It can be found Here.

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