Here’s how to get the most out of your Amazon Prime membership


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Amazon raised the price of its annual Prime membership from $119 to $139 this year, meaning its more than 200 million subscribers will soon be paying more for one-day shipping.

Despite the 17% increase, Amazon Prime is still valuable if you know where to look. The service encompasses much more than just online shopping, including streaming, e-books, cloud services, and grocery store perks.

If you plan to keep Prime when your price hike kicks in, make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. These are some of the benefits of Prime membership that you might not take advantage of.

Prime video

For fans of shows like Fleabag, Reacher and the upcoming Lord of the Rings show, Amazon Prime is already good value as Prime Video comes free with a Prime membership. Purchased individually, the service costs $8.99 per month, or about $108 per year.

Amazon photos

Prime members get free access to Amazon photoswhich offers unlimited photo storage and up to 5GB of free video storage.

A competing service like Google Photos charges $20 a year for storage over 15GB, while Apple’s iCloud only offers 5GB of free storage and $1 a month for 50GB and up to $10 a month for 2TB .

If you’re paying for a competitor, you might be able to save money by consolidating all your photos in one place.

Top notch music

Although Amazon offers a full music streaming service with a library of 50 million songs for $9.99 per month, Prime members get free access to a smaller library of 2 million songs with their subscription. Top notch music is ad-free and users can save their catalog for offline listening.

Members who want access to the entire library can get Amazon Music Unlimited at a discounted price of $7.99 per month.

Top notch reading

Prime’s $139 annual fee includes access to Top notch readingan e-book library with a rotating selection of books, magazines, and audiobooks that are free to read on Kindle devices or any device with the Kindle app.

Members also get access to Prime First Reads, a selection of books sent to members each month ahead of their official release. While non-members can choose one of the titles for $1.99, Prime users can download one for free.

Discounts on Whole Foods

Prime also gives subscribers access to exclusive deals and a 10% discount at Whole Foods, which was Purchased from Amazon in 2017 as long as you download the Whole Foods app.

Members can also place Whole Foods orders directly on the Amazon site for pickup or delivery.

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