First eBook on “How to do Due Diligence of NGOs for CSR” published,



NEW DELHI: A first of its kind manual “How to do Due Diligence of NGOs for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in India” was published this week on a unique platform for CSR with the first book publication on, the world’s first CSR , Sustainability & ESG eBook Store.

The book is available at a particularly low introductory price, making it affordable for everyone in the CSR and NGO sectors.

Written by Rusen Kumar, founder of India CSR, the document covers all relevant issues related to the due diligence of an NGO before a grant is awarded to a corporate social responsibility program. It is a must for every CSR and NGO expert.

The book provides a step-by-step guide and also suggests some easily customizable frameworks.

The book is an indispensable technical document for everyone who deals with CSR and NGO management and for those who give or receive grants for social development.

The 70-page book was specially written with the aim of training the CSR fraternity in the due diligence of an NGO. This is a “must-have” document for anyone who is part of the corporate social responsibility ecosystem. This is very useful for sustainability executives, public relations and corporate communications, as well as professionals.

On the occasion of the publication of the book, the author Rusen Kumar said: “The purpose of the book is to find a good CSR implementation partner for the success of the programs. This professional document can help professionals save time, money and energy, and empower them by providing them with effective industry knowledge that will lead to better decision making. “

“CSR and development professionals work in remote locations and have difficulty accessing high quality professional reading materials. The eBook will help them a lot, ”he added.

The book helps identify suitable and credible NGO partners who meet the company’s CSR criteria. This document sets a minimalist standard for corporate CSR departments to conduct a “due diligence” exercise. It establishes the need for guidelines for due diligence, specifies what due diligence is before going into how it works, and ends with suggested content of a due diligence report.

Due diligence for the funding process is important for both NGOs and donors. Due diligence is the assessment process aimed at reviewing the information provided by the CSR partners and uncovering any undisclosed issues.

The book can be downloaded from How to do Due Diligence of NGOs for CSR? – CSR books



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