Eileen Cardet’s new book “Urano” is a fascinating novel about weighing up life choices, taking risks and living out one’s fate.



Cardet writes: “Taboos, addictions, shadows … At the same time, three friends are beginning to question their own lives, their marriages, their sexual preferences, their values. Do you pursue your happiness honestly or do you follow the commandments of society? Courage or Consolation? This fictional novel is based on real life stories in which the sexual predominates and is intertwined with social denunciation. What determines human fate? Life choices, the stars, a heavenly plan or just coincidence? Something is in the life of these women who would inevitably break with what didn’t work. Spread your wings, jump off the cliff and soar or fall … “

Published by Seitenverlag, Eileen Cardets Captivating work brings an exciting fiction inspired by the reality in this modern world. This novel is excellent read for anyone discovering how these three friends follow their fate and write their futures.

Readers who want to experience this fascinating work can buy “Urano” anywhere in bookshops or online in the iTunes Store from Apple, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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