Beaminster Shop appears on BBC Ones Escape to the Country



STAFF at a bookstore had a camera crew visit this week – and will be on a popular TV show in the near future.

Little Toller Books on Church Street in Beaminster was approached by a production team on BBC One’s popular rural property show Escape to the Country.

Shop owner Martin Maudsley agreed to be interviewed about living in Beaminster and running a business during the pandemic.

Jon Wollcott, who works at Little Toller, said, “It was out of the blue for us.

“They wanted to talk to us about the bookstore, but they also wanted to know what it’s like to live and work in Beaminster. We’re always interested in talking to people about why Dorset is a great place to live. ”

He added, “As a bookstore, we opened a year ago and we were overwhelmed with the support from the community.

“We were very pleased with the response from the community to the store as it is currently the only bookstore in Beaminster.”

He said it was not yet known when the episode would air with the local business, but said the crew had told staff they would contact them to let them know.

Little Toller Books started out as an independent publisher based on the same premises.

The publisher was founded in 2008 with a single goal: to revive forgotten and classic books about nature and rural life in the British Isles.

The bookstore opened last November.



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