Amazon is ending access to the Kindle Store for some e-readers older than 10 years


Amazon has decided not to allow some old Kindle e-readers access to its eBook store beyond this August. The company has emailed owners of affected devices about the upcoming change.

A Reddit user divided the content of an email you received from Amazon. It mentions that the company is ending support for accessing the Store on Kindle devices older than 10 years. Devices will not be able to browse or purchase books from the store after August 17, 2022.

List of Kindle e-readers losing access to the Store in August

  • Kindle 2nd Generation International
  • Kindle DX International
  • Kindle keyboard
  • Kindle 4th Gen
  • Kindle 5th Gen

The oldest of these devices was launched in 2009, while the 5th generation Kindle was launched in 2012. Users can still use their eReaders to read books they downloaded from the store.

Why is Amazon ending access to the Store for legacy Kindle devices?

Amazon has not released an official statement on the issue. Good e-reader speculates that the end of support for older Kindle devices could be due to hardware limitations in the eReaders, particularly related to TLS 1.0 and 1.1 support. norms. This problem cannot be fixed via a software update, which in turn means that the devices do not meet the modern security requirements for purchasing eBooks.

How can users buy books from the Kindle Store after August 17?

The post Amazon encourages users to access through a web browser on phones, computers, or tablets to browse and purchase eBooks.

This means if you buy books from the store on another device, they will be delivered to your Kindle as usual. The same goes for downloading books you already own. You can transfer them to your device using the Send to Kindle app. Of course, you can also buy books from other stores and download them to your Kindle via email or USB.

The company is also luring users with a 30% discount code to upgrade to a new Kindle e-reader and throwing in $40 in eBook store credit. If you have an affected device, check your inbox for the offer.

Amazon is adding support for EPUB files and ending support for MOBI and AZW formats for Kindle e-readers

A support page on Amazon says that it allows reading EPUB files on Kindle e-readers. Previously, users had to convert them to MOBI format (via the Caliber app) before they could send the books to their devices. Ironically, Amazon is also ending support for MOBI and AZW formats for the Send to Kindle app. These changes are planned for late 2022, so we can expect a software update that will officially add EPUB support.

I have a 10th Gen Kindle e-reader and I can tell you that the store loads excruciatingly slowly, even on modern devices. However, I have used it to buy and browse books through Kindle Unlimited. So while you don’t lose much if store access is removed, not having an option to buy books with 1-click purchase is an inconvenience. Well, I’ll choose safety over convenience any day.


Amazon is ending access to the Kindle Store for some e-readers older than 10 years

Product Name

Amazon is ending access to the Kindle Store for some e-readers older than 10 years


Amazon is sending out emails to notify users of some old Kindle e-readers who will no longer be able to access the store after August 17th.




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