19 of the first books about the COVID-19 pandemic to read in 2022


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  • The first books about the COVID-19 pandemic have hit the shelves.
  • There are already fiction, non-fiction and children’s books.
  • These books can provide readers with information or even help them feel less alone.

Sci-fi novels have brought to life pandemic-stricken dystopias in literature for decades — but COVID-19 books are now hitting shelves to document the pandemic, teach people how to deal with it, and even fictional stories too interweave that are based on the real events of the last two years.

While some readers choose to sidestep writing related to the pandemic while we’re still living in it, other readers (like me) find the fictional novels relatable, the nonfiction helpful in understanding the past few years, and children’s books useful resources to help younger readers process everything around them.

While there are sure to be many more titles about COVID-19 to come, here are some of the first books to be published about the pandemic.

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19 of the first books about the COVID-19 pandemic:


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