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COVER STORY: A front line in the fight for abortion | watch video
The border between Missouri (where abortion is extremely difficult to access) and Illinois (where abortion rights are codified) has become one of the great divisions in America today. Correspondent Martha Teichner travels at the forefront of the abortion debate and visits a unique regional logistics center that helps women across the country access abortion.

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COVER STORY: Roe v. Wade and the legitimacy of the Supreme Court | watch video
Almost 50 years after the US Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade established a constitutional right to abortion, the current Supreme Court seems poised to overturn that right. Correspondent Jim Axelrod examines how Judge Sam Alito’s leaked draft opinion (which would remove constitutional protections for abortions) shows the court’s willingness to meddle in controversial culture war issues.

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Notes for Bob Dylan’s “Tangled Up in Blue” at the Bob Dylan Center in Tulsa, Okla.

CBS News

MUSIC: Bob Dylan Center: Voice of a Generation Exhibition | watch video
In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a former paper warehouse has been converted into the Bob Dylan Center, a repository for 100,000 items from the singer-songwriter’s collection. CBS News’ John Dickerson visits the center, where exhibits featuring Dylan’s original manuscripts and notebooks offer a glimpse into the painstaking work of one of America’s leading music artists.

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  • Bob Dylan CenterOpening May 10 in Tulsa, Okla.
  • (Official page)
  • Sixties: Teens Recycle the Era by Robert Siegel originally aired August 7, 1987 on NPR’s All Things Considered. © 1987 National Public Radio, Inc. Used with permission from NPR. Any unauthorized duplication is strictly prohibited.
Teresa Ngo owns Blinkie’s Donuts in Woodland Hills, California. Her family has owned donut shops since the 1980s.

CBS News

BUSINESS: How Donut Shops Became a Sweet American Dream | watch video
Around 80% of Southern California’s donut shops are owned by Cambodian refugee families who came to the country to seek refuge from the genocide. Correspondent Elaine Quijano explores these immigrants’ stories of resilience, reinvention, and success, packaged in a distinctive pink donut box.

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Phil Rosenthal (left) and Ray Romano.

CBS News

TV: Phil Rosenthal and Ray Romano’s recipe that became Somebody Feed Phil | watch video
In the hit Netflix series Somebody Feed Phil, Phil Rosenthal eats his way around the world to find out what makes food and the people who cook it so compelling. The idea for the show came years ago when he met comedian Ray Romano (star of the hit sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, which Rosenthal created). Rosenthal and Romano talk to Dr. CBS News’ Jon LaPook on their connection and the transformative power of travel.

READ AN EXCERPT: “Somebody Feed Phil the Book” by Phil Rosenthal

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PASSAGE: In memory (Video)
“Sunday Morning” remembers some of the notable figures who left us this week, including country singer Mickey Gilley, whose honky-tonk was popularized in the film Urban Cowboy.

HARTMAN: Remembering the Lost Racehorse (Video)
Not long ago, friends and fans gathered to pay their respects to one of the sport’s most unlikely celebrities: Zippy Chippy, a grandson of the Kentucky Derby royal family, but who himself had a perfect 0v100 record. Correspondent Steve Hartman looks back at why Zippy Chippy — who never won a single race — was indeed an inspiration to everyone.

The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC

Carol Highsmith/Library of Congress

WASHINGTON: The Lincoln Memorial at 100 – How a monument of history became a part of history | watch video
On May 30, 1922, a majestic memorial to the “Great Emancipator” was dedicated in Washington, DC before a large, separated crowd. Correspondent Faith Salie tells the story of how the Lincoln Memorial – symbolically carved in stone from the United States – only later became a symbol of inclusion and a powerful platform for overcoming racial differences.

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A scene from the Broadway comedy “POTUS”.

CBS News

BROADWAY: The New Comedy “POTUS”: All the President’s Wives (Video)
The Broadway play POTUS tells the comical tale of the women surrounding an incompetent, horny President and how they wield power. Correspondent Rita Braver talks to stars Vanessa Williams, Rachel Dratch, Julianne Hough, Julie White, Suzy Nakamura and Lilli Cooper; Director Susan Stroman; and playwright Selina Fillinger, making her Broadway debut.

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COMMENT: Gwyneth Paltrow on the joys and burdens of motherhood | watch video
The Oscar-winning actress and founder and CEO of lifestyle brand Goop talks about the emotional highs and lows of motherhood, from the experience of childbirth to postpartum depression and the diaper tax that pushes costs—a necessity into a luxury class.

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David Gergen, author of Hearts Touched With Fire: How Great Leaders Are Made.

CBS News

POLITICS: David Gergen on the state of our democracy: “We cannot continue on the path we have taken, it is not sustainable.” | watch video
David Gergen, longtime advisor to both parties’ presidents, believes the older generation currently running the show in Washington should step down in favor of younger leadership. He speaks with CBS News’ Robert Acosta about his new book, Hearts Touched With Fire: How Great Leaders Are Made, and the current state of American democracy.

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NATURE: Fox Mother and Her Cubs (Extended Video)
“Sunday Morning” shows us a vixen with full paws in Paradise Valley, Montana. Videographer: Judith Lehmberg.


The Ernest Tubb Record Shop has been a Nashville landmark since it opened in 1947.

CBS News

SUNSPOT: Nashville’s historic Ernest Tubb Record Shop is closing its doors | watch video
Opened in 1947 by the father of honky tonk music, the famous country-only joint was the birthplace of the long-running radio show The Midnite Jamboree. Earlier this week, the Ernest Tubb Record Shop closed its doors for the last time. “Sunday Morning” digital producer Roman Feeser reports.

ARCHIVE: From 2001: Carly Simon on hearing the music again (video)
Singer-songwriter Carly Simon, who has recorded 13 Top 40 hits and won an Oscar, will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2022. In this “Sunday Morning” profile, which aired January 28, 2001, Simon talks to correspondent Rita Braver about her confessional music.

ARCHIVE: From 2007: Annie Lennox on breaking new ground (video)
Four-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Annie Lennox, known for both her work as part of the Eurythmics and her solo career, will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2022. In this Sunday Morning profile, which aired September 30, 2007, Lennox talks to correspondent Mark Philips about why she doesn’t believe in standing still – as an artist or as a philanthropist.

Here Comes The Sun: The Stars Who Played The Legendary “First Ladies” And Cryptocurrency 101


“HERE COMES THE SUN”: The stars who played the legendary “First Ladies” and Cryptocurrency 101
Their names ring with historical and cultural significance: Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford and Michelle Obama. Leslie Stahl spoke to the women she portrayed: Gillian Anderson, Michelle Pfeiffer and Viola Davis. We also have a story about cryptocurrency. You’ve heard of it, but do you really know what it is and how it works?

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