Sylvia Gamble’s new book, Stories from Cottontail Trail, is an enchanting children’s story about the lovable residents of Bunnyville who help each other



Sylvia Gamble, mother, grandmother and inhabitant of Ohio, who grew up in a small village in Germany in the middle of the woods, has finished her new book “Stories from Cottontail Trail”: a carefree story for young readers.

Discover how a chance encounter with a little caterpillar opens up a whole new world in a small town called Bunnyville near the Cottontail Trail. There you can watch the forest animals in their daily activities and play with them. Learn about the different roles each animal plays and how they work together as a team when friends need help. Enjoy the fun time at the circus and during the seasons, and even learn how to bake Mrs. Raccoon’s cookies.

Sylvia Gamble’s book, published by Page Publishing, is a delightful addition to any children’s library.

Readers who want to experience this exciting work can to buy “Stories from Cottontail Trail” everywhere in bookstores or online in the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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