Surveyor – Royal Examiner


Are you looking for a job that involves working with math and being an integral part of construction projects of all sizes? Then a career as a land surveyor might be right for you.

job description
Surveyors work with surveyors and survey land and buildings to delineate construction sites. This work includes private homes, businesses and public interests such as roads and bridges. In addition, surveyors use various tools to determine precise geographic coordinates, analyze longitude and latitude, and measure elevations and contour lines.

Surveyors can specialize in specific disciplines such as geodetic, topographical, legal, or engineering surveying.

Necessary Skills
If you are interested in a career as a surveyor you must enjoy teamwork and spending time outdoors. You must also have a knack for math and geometry, as well as a keen eye for detail. Physical dexterity and spatial awareness are also essential qualities.

working environment
Surveyors often work for consultancies, government agencies, and state-owned companies. They also work for private organizations in the forestry, mining and construction industries.

Does this type of work appeal to you? If so, check out the training programs available in your area to learn more.


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