Straw Poll: La Crosse Co. Officials Advocate ARPA Using $ 23 Million For Environment And Housing | Government and politics



La Crosse County’s regulators conducted a survey to find out where they would like to spend the $ 22.89 million federal aid to COVID, highlighting the environment and housing as early priorities.


Infrastructure (with a focus on the aging population) and childcare were also popular with respondents, each with 16% of the vote. Improving the economy and tourism received 12%, money put into savings to define projects was 10%, and sending funds to nonprofits to work towards equity was the lowest in the survey at 6%.

These results are far from final and the priorities could be rearranged and refined as the money is actually spent.

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Officials have slowly learned how exactly the money can be spent, and so far it is clear that it cannot be used for pensions, to fund the county reserves, and it is not recommended that taxes be lowered, as this could make it difficult for the state to collect taxes .

It can be used for public health, economic aid to businesses and families, loss and replacement of income, bonus payments for certain workers, infrastructure, and more.

How exactly the county will split the millions has yet to be determined, and officials have to decide whether to support one large project or several smaller ones.

District officials have encouraged the supervisors who will make the final decision to “take it slow and do it right”, paying attention to equity, collaboration, and quality of life.

Klekamp said it was also possible that the district could receive more funding in the future.



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