TikTok challenge leads to vandalism in Haledon, NJ, school



Amid a national warning about the latest TikTok challenge, a New Jersey school says the stunt caused hundreds of dollars in damage.

It’s called “Devious Licks” and the goal is to destroy or steal something from a school.

In Haledon, the boys’ toilet in the K-8 school was destroyed with $ 400 damage to the pipes. Superintendent Christopher Wacha told NorthJersey.com that he believed it was due to a “Devious Licks” stunt.

The school officials are looking for the perpetrators but admit that it will be difficult to find them. You’re considering new surveillance measures to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

This latest TikTok trend apparently started when a user posted their theft of disposable masks. However, like many of these so-called challenges, it escalated.

Dozens of videos have been posted on the website showing middle and high school students and college students wiping off hand sanitizer, stealing urinals, smashing floor tiles, or even stealing computer equipment.

School districts across the country are warning students not to follow this trend.

TikTok has also gone over to suppressing this latest trend. If you search for “devil licks” on their app or website, you will receive a message asking you to read their community guidelines.

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