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Oct 6, 2021 1:00 PM EDT

Today’s Highlighted Offer comes over ours Online courses Section of the Neowin Deals shop, for what a limited time you can Pay what you want for the Powerful 2021 MBA Hacker Package. Start your business education online with 39+ hours of content on marketing, accounting, finance, and more!

Unlock the following eBooks with a bid above the average price:

  1. MBA short course on strategy
    An overview of the strategy, its various levels, roles, and more

  2. Introduction to business accounting
    Learn about the job responsibilities of a professional accountant

  3. First steps in management accounting
    Get to know the basic concepts of management accounting in a very simple, easy and interesting way

  4. Lean Process Management & Leadership Skills Masterclass
    Promote your leadership career with Core Leadership & People Skills

  5. Management Masterclass: Essential Coaching & Communication
    Management coaching and communication skills for better performance and excellence

  6. Innovation and change management
    Direct your company towards efficiency and greater competitive advantage

  7. Corporate governance & human resource management
    Lead a vision, mission and strategy workshop with your team to motivate them

  8. Create a No-Nonsense & No-MBA-Needed Marketing Plan
    Get you and your employees on track by doing the right marketing tasks at the right time

  9. Corporate finance history in brief
    Learn the basics of the history of corporate finance & economics, hostile takeovers, and market efficiency and risk

or pay what you want for the unlocked eBook:

  1. Accounting basics
    Understand basic accounting terms, concepts, and topics

  2. Strategic Marketing Course
    Develop a marketing strategy as a manager

What’s the advantage:

  • The bundle represents a total sales value of $ 2,189.
  • To unlock the full bundle is still only $ 4 at the time of writing.
  • Offer average price or over and you will take the whole package home with you.
  • Hit the leader’s price and join the epic giveaway!

Pay what you want for the Mighty MBA Hacker Bundle

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