October is the new November



The leading provider of a cloud-native distributed order management system (OMS), Flowing trade, released a new study showing that many consumers plan to start their Christmas shopping in early 2021. In the US, nearly a third (28%) plan before November, with more than half planning before Black Friday. UK shoppers are less likely to start this early, but over a fifth (21%) said they plan to start their Christmas shopping before November and 42% before Black Friday.

Looking at consumer spending plans in the US, nearly a third of shoppers plan to spend more than they did last Christmas, with 17% saying they will spend much more. In the UK, 22% plan to spend more. There is also an emerging intergenerational spending gap: half of US and UK consumers who qualify as Generation Z – especially those between the ages of 18 and 24 – plan to spend more on their Christmas shopping this year than they did last year.

When asked about their plans to shop in-store versus online, 17% of US and 11% of UK consumers plan to do all of their Christmas shopping in-store. In addition, over three-quarters of US consumers and nearly 9 in 10 UK consumers plan to do at least some of their Christmas shopping online, with women preferring the internet more than men.

“For many consumers, October is clearly the new November when it comes to Christmas shopping. Flowing trade. As a result, retailers need to ensure that their processes and critical technologies are agile enough to meet demand and continue to provide consumers with the high quality shopping experiences that have become so critical to omnichannel retail success. “

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* Research conducted in September 2021 asking 500 US and 500 UK consumers about their Christmas shopping plans.

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Fluent Commerce is headquartered in Sydney and has a global presence, including offices in North America and Europe. The company works with global and regional brands such as JD Sports, GrandVision, Aldo, Under Armor and Marks & Spencer. In August 2019, Fluent Commerce raised $ 33 million, led by U.S. growth corporation Arrowroot Capital.

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