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The king is looking for a shepherd

As leader of the wool campaign, King Charles is looking for a shepherd to take care of his 3,000-strong flock of sheep.

The selected applicant would need to have their own working dogs as Sandringham Farm is looking for a ‘qualified shepherd’.

The property said: “The broader property includes forest, wildlife and public businesses, which offer a rich and varied work experience, but also require consideration and interaction with these areas.

“The 3,000 head Aberfield Mule herd is self-renewing and produces finished lamb for a premium supermarket retailer. There is a strong emphasis on maternal, easy lambing genetics and the use of technology to support them where necessary. Ewes are lambed outdoors and lambs are finished on a feed-only diet.

“In 2021, a herd of Shorthorn-based cows was established with the goal of calving up to 200 cows over the next few years. The herd is housed in a new building with modern handling facilities with an emphasis on safety and ease of use. Again, all of the offspring is completed on the farm using 100% home-grown feed.

“Daily herding will make up the majority of this role, with some assistance with winter housing and spring calving of the cattle herd.

“A passion for farm animals, an open mind and a willingness to learn and develop alongside an innovative system will be key to being successful in this role.”

Hurry, you only have until Monday if you want to work at Sandringham Farm.


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