Mayflower Poultry Leaves Cambridge, Shield Remains – NBC Boston



A long-established butcher shop with an iconic sign leaves its home in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

After countless years of “Live Poultry, Fresh Killed” the Mayflower Poultry Company moves to Boston.

“The sign is great, but the food is even better,” says Charles Prater, who lives around the corner.

A newspaper posted outside the door said the building had been sold and Friday was the last open day.

“This is bad news for everyone,” said Fawzi Abdulrazak, who has been staring at the window front from the front gate of his bookstore for 28 years.

“When I bought this house, I heard the roosters in the morning, but unfortunately things change and have to change,” said Abdulrazak.

The question was: what to do with the sign?

“It’s kind of an emblem of the local economy in East Cambridge. It has a long history of being a meat packer industry,” said Jason Alves, executive director of the East Cambridge Business Association. “We wanted to try to get hold of it and make sure it could live on in some form in East Cambridge.”

An auction took place on Thursday in which the bidders set up the prince in person, by telephone and online.

The trade association won.

“The final price for the sign was $ 14,500,” Alves said. “It was a real community effort to try and keep this in the neighborhood.”

Praters says it’s great to see the sign stay in town, but it’s sad to see the landmark go away.

“We’ll miss it,” he said.

The sign is being removed and moved to a new location, although it wasn’t immediately clear where that would be.



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