Massive queues in front of the Chapters Bookstore preparing to close after 40 years



Book lovers gathered in crowds outside the Chapters Bookstore on Parnell Street this morning for a 2 for 1 sale when the beloved store announced it was closing its doors early next year.

The shop has been a staple on the Dublin book scene as it first opened in the capital 40 years ago.

Chapters are running a massive clearance sale with a 2-for-1 sale on all books except bestsellers, which is in-store only.

On social media this morning, many book lovers noticed the huge line in front of the store.

One Twitter user wrote, “Hell of a queue for chapters this morning.”

Another wrote, “It’s nice to see people line up for Chapters, a great bookstore, and it will be very sad to see them go.”

A third wrote: “Get your Christmas shopping books now from the sale that takes place at Chapters.”

Chapters, Ireland’s largest independent bookstore, opened its first store on Wicklow Street in 1983.

It has since moved to St Stephens Green, Henry Street and Abbey Street until it opened in its current location on Parnell Street.

People quickly took to social media and expressed their shock over the news earlier this week.

One person wrote that Chapters is “an excellent bookstore that always brings out an expected gem (or 5) when I stop by. My 4 and 6 year olds have been excited about our plans to visit tomorrow all week. A great loss for Dublin. “

Another wrote: ““ Oh no! I’ve spent so much time in Chapters over the past 30 years since I was old enough as a teenager in the 90s to go to town by myself. Hours happily lost from Abbey St to Parnell St. It’s so sad to hear that. “

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