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The San Anselmo Library deserves your support

As a member of the Friends of the Library of San Anselmo group, I believe there are many reasons to vote for San Anselmo’s Action H in November’s election. The library is the heart of the community and whether you are using the computers and the internet for projects, downloading books or music, taking your child to one of the popular story hours or looking for a new book to read, the friendly and helpful staff are the staff there for her.

A curbside pickup system has been set up during the pandemic to allow customers to safely collect books. During power outages, the library provided power outlets so citizens could charge their devices. When temperatures rise, a cool haven is available. There are lectures, book clubs, music programs and much more available through the library.

As early as 2010, the city drastically reduced the library budget. It reduced hours of operation, eliminated the children’s librarian position, and cut funding for books and other resources. Concerned citizens circulated an unsolicited application in order to vote on a measure to make up for the lost funds. This measure was passed by a comfortable majority of San Anselmo voters.

Action H will continue this important funding for our wonderful library. We are grateful that voters have approved the continuation of this parcel tax in the past and, with a yes to measure H, we are calling for its renewal.

— Judy Anderson, San Anselmo

Questions for Bragman about MMWD service

In her recent letter to the editor, Patricia Meagher urges us to vote to re-elect Larry Brahman to the Board of Directors of the Marin Municipal Water District, based on actions taken over the past two years. The only examples she provided of such actions sound to me like a bad case of unduly delayed water facility maintenance.

Our water crisis has been a long time coming. What did Bragman do during his first six years on the board? New blood is urgently needed to improve the resilience of our water supply.

— Michael Sillman, Larkspur

Cindy Swift strong choice for Fairfax City Council

Cindy Swift is an excellent candidate for Fairfax City Council. She has served on many city committees and is uniquely qualified to continue her service to all residents as a member of the City Council. She demonstrates a thoughtful, common-sense approach to problem-solving and is committed to preserving our small-town character. She is a leader in neighborhood fire safety programs and works tirelessly to keep us informed and connected.

I have known Swift for more than 40 years and can attest to her integrity, kindness and superior intellect. Fairfax needs someone of her caliber to be a voice for all residents. She wants the best for Fairfax and her many years of volunteer work demonstrates her love for our city and her commitment to doing whatever it takes to keep us healthy, safe and financially healthy.

Please join me in voting for Cindy Swift for Fairfax City Council.

– Robin Brennan, Fairfax

Martin best for San Rafael Schools Area 4 election

I worry that the superficial message of Board of Trustees candidate for San Rafael City Schools, Area 4, Faye Bourret (“Caring for the Education of Our Children”) is camouflaging views that are inconsistent with our diverse community.

A little digging reveals affiliations and endorsements. According to the Marin Republican Women Federated website, she has multiple leadership roles. In reading this group’s newsletters, I found many worrying claims. I’m even more disturbed by the seemingly painstaking concealment of Bourret’s affiliation with current Republican ideology.

Also, I have questions about the elusive group Marin Freedom Rising, which supports Bourret. The big problem facing this group, according to their website, is hostility to COVID-19 vaccinations and public health policies. The website Marin Freedom Rising calls the CDC a “center for fraud and corruption.” It demonizes Marin’s award-winning health officer, Matt Willis.

I don’t know if Bourret supports all of these groups’ positions. She should either possess these relationships and values ​​or clearly distance herself from them. I would also like to know who is funding your campaign.

Fortunately, we have a powerful and inspiring alternative: I believe our schools and community will be best served by electing incumbent – and proud immigrant – Carolina Martín. As a parent of third graders, she is deeply involved in the school community and makes her positions transparent.

— Holly Middleton, San Rafael


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