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The US Supreme Court threatens to overturn it Roe v. calf and dramatically restricting access to abortions across the country, the world of romance books is fighting back. That Romance for Reproductive Justice Auction offers over 200 packages, including autographed/annotated romance novels, author chats, manuscript requests, swag and more in exchange for donations Collective Power Fund of the National Network of Abortion Funds. The auction starts on May 21st and runs until May 23rd.

Early May, Politically leaked a first draft of a US Supreme Court majority opinion by Judge Samuel Alito that would overturn the 1973 law Roe v. calf Supreme Court decision guaranteeing a constitutional right to abortion. Although the advisory is not final and abortion is still legal in the US, abortion rights activists are preparing to restrict reproductive freedoms across the country. If roe 26 states are certain or likely to ban abortion accordingly Guttmacher Institute. With few options to fight the upcoming SCOTUS decision, pro-choice campaigners are looking at ways to increase access to abortion if Roe v. calf actually flipped.

Meet Cute Romance starts an auction

This is where the Romance for Reproductive Justice auction comes in. Meet Cute Romance Bookshop & Fizzerya new romance-focused bookstore in La Mesa, California, springed into action following the leaked SCOTUS documents.

“There was a lot of anger in the romance community, very visible on social media, following the leaked Alito draft,” said Becca Title, founder of Meet Cute Romance Bookshop & Fizzery, in an interview with Book Riot. “Organizing this auction was a way for me to channel my own anger into something productive, and I’ve heard from many of our donors that being able to donate gave them a similar outlet.”

Auction winners will be asked to donate Collective Power Fund of the National Network of Abortion Funds, a group that raises and redistributes funds directly to 28 member abortion funds in 20 states. These donations cover abortion costs, transportation to clinics, childcare, housing, and support for abortion doulas through member funds focused on areas where abortion is most difficult to access.

Becca Title argued that the romance community has a clear connection to reproductive justice: “The people whose stories romance tells are among those most directly affected by issues of reproductive justice in general and access to abortion in particular , and they are also people whose experiences are often not considered in the discourse surrounding these issues,” Title said. “For me, it’s a natural fit for the genre romance community and a bookstore that focuses on genre romance to be involved in the current conversation about reproductive justice, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to own Romance for Reproductive Justice enable auction as part of that commitment.”

Items in the auction block

Before the auction opened, more than 200 packages had been donated by novelists, literary agents, professional book publishers and bookstores. Over half of these items are books, but the auction also features a wide range of items for book lovers, aspiring writers and anyone else interested in campaigning for reproductive rights. Bidding for each item starts at one dollar.

Romance readers are of course first drawn to the incredible selection of books donated by authors. Bridgeton Fans can bid on two fully signed sentences of the hit series donated by Julia Quinn. Helen Hoang has donated autographed copies of all three books The kiss quotient series, plus a mug with illustrations of the main characters. Some authors have taken a look behind their writing processes with annotated books, like Farah Heron’s Kamila knows best. Readers who like an early look at highly anticipated titles love in the brain by Ali Hazelwood can bid on pre-sale copies.

Other bookstores also took part in the campaign. The Ripped Mieder donated a basket with four books and treats for your romantic reading experience. Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore is offering a basket individually filled according to your taste. Authors and other supporters of the cause have a diversity from crafts, home decor and even astrological readings.

If you want to improve your writing skills or one day publish your own book, the Romance for Reproductive Justice Auction has many interesting options. Provide authors and editors alike review services for work in progress. Agents, writing coaches, and marketing and advertising professionals offer Zoom chats and consultations to support you on your writing journey.

How to support the auction

View all available items Romance for Reproductive Justice Auction. The call for entries begins on Saturday, May 21st and ends on Monday, May 23rd.

You can support the cause early on by purchasing the Our pick: romance for roe charity anthology or the Romance for Reproductive Justice tote bag.


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