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Black Friday 2021 has officially arrived and promises mega deals on everything from tech gadgets and game consoles to beauty products and housewares.

While the annual shopping bonanza always takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving, the event was only online last year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

However, stores are reopening their doors to customers, offering in-store deals and exclusive deals to lure shoppers.

For those worried about in-store shopping, here are the steps retailers are taking to keep customers safe.

As has been the case for a number of years, a few brands have announced early Black Friday deals, including Walmart, Epic Games, Nintendo, and more.

Follow with Newsweek’s Black Friday 2021 Live Blog where we reveal the best and biggest deals during the day as they happen.

Black Friday 2021 is officially here, with mega deals on everything from tech and game consoles to housewares and iconic beauty products. Follow Newsweek’s live updates for the latest deals and offers.
Glossy / Amazon / Dyson

Check out these Apple Watch discounts at Target, Walmart, and Best Buy before they’re gone

Apple Watches offers are few and far between right now, but you can find them in some branches.

The aim is to sell the Series 3 model (with a 42mm display). for $ 199which corresponds to a saving of 13%.

Walmart now has the Apple Watch Series 3 with a 38 mm display, sports bracelet and aluminum Case for only $ 109 (reduced from $ 199).

However, most of the offers are at Best Buy. The dealer has one entire page for Apple portable deviceswhere you can find some great discounts.

For example, you can save $ 60 on the Apple Watch SE and can get the Nike SE model for $ 219 (it was originally $ 279). There is even one Gold Edition cheaper than usual on the websiteif you want to be a little fancier.

A fan of anime, manga, or characters? Here are the best deals for you

Black Friday is seeing a flurry of discounts on premium anime, manga, and character brands, from anime to manga, with some of the most popular Funimation DVD bundles with a 30 percent discount.

Such a bundle is perfect for a movie night, which is sold together with the ceiling and the films: One Piece: Stampede, One Piece Film: Gold, One Piece Film: Z, and One Piece Film: Strong World for only $ 59.99 –reduced from $ 139.99.

Anime Black Friday Deals
There are a number of exciting Anime-themed Black Friday offers up for grabs
Amazon / Funimation / Crunchyroll

Barnes and Noble is making a range of digital manga available from Viz Media today for just $ 3.99. With the “Manga Series Starter” deal, fans can buy the first volume of dozens of different series.

Top figure brands are also cutting prices, with Nendroids, Scale Figures, and Funko Pops all joining the Black Friday action. Crunchyroll is also currently offering a discount on a number of their items, with products up to 40 percent off location on Black Friday.

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It’s time to prepare for today’s PS5 and Xbox Series X replenishments

Console trackers predict the PS5 and Xbox Series X will soon be replenished at both Target and possibly Best Buy.

According to these reports (which came from reputable tracker accounts), the target drop could happen anytime between now and 9 a.m. ET.

In the meantime, Best Buy often prefers Fridays for its normal replenishments, so one is scheduled for today.

So that you are one step ahead of the crowd, News week Has prepared a guide with tips and tricks to get hold of either a PS5 or an Xbox Series X on Black Friday. This includes everything from detecting upcoming drops, getting fair deals, and troubleshooting issues if you’re having trouble adding items to your cart.

It has expert insights from analyst @GYXdeals on Twitter who is basically doing this as a full time job so it’s definitely worth reading.

From multiplayer shooters to sports blockbusters to dance titles, you can make massive savings on video games

Not only are video games on sale for Black Friday, but you can get some of the latest blockbusters for almost half the price.

Important publications such as Battlefield 2042, NBA 2K22, Madden NFL 22 and Just dance 2022 (generally many titles that end with a date) have been drastically reduced in price.

Black Friday deals on video games
The picture shows some of the games that are discounted for Black Friday, including Just Dance 2022, Madden NFL 22, and Battlefield 2042.
EA / Ubisoft

In addition, the offers are evenly distributed across different platforms, so that whether you are an Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo fan, there is something for you.

Even some games that only came out two weeks ago have been cut quite a bit, so you’ll definitely want to check out these offers.

News week has put together a list of the highlights right here.

Where the name ‘Black Friday’ comes from

The term was reportedly first coined in Pennsylvania in the 1960s when huge crowds of shoppers and traffic jams in Philadelphia led to police labeling it as such on the day after Thanksgiving.

but HuffPost reported that as early as 1961 public relations chiefs were furiously trying to give the nickname a positive twist by trying to change it to “Big Friday”.

According to David Zyla, the author of How to Win When Shopping, one of the first uses of the term to appear in print – to publicize it as a shopping day – was in an advertisement in the 1966 edition of The American philatelist, a magazine for stamp collectors.

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40% discount on Gucci colors + 15% extra with this Net-a-Porter coupon code

Net-a-Porter’s Black Friday sale offers a additional 15% discount on selected lines, including this send, gold-colored Gucci sunglasses with “GG” motif pattern.

Gucci sunglasses.
A woman in gold-colored Gucci sunglasses with a “GG” motif pattern.

The sunglasses currently cost $ 288 (a 40 percent reduction from $ 480). Get the additional 15 percent on the current price with the promo code: “BLACKFRIDAY”.

How popular is Black Friday worldwide?

It may come as no surprise, but Black Friday has taken much of the world by storm in recent years, and consumers from many countries are counting the days to the big shopping extravaganza.

Research from Sensormatic found that the discount event beats the biggest pre-Christmas shopping spree in the US, Canada, Brazil and even South Africa.

But what are the three most popular shopping days in North America?


  1. November 26th – Black Friday
  2. December 18th – Super Saturday
  3. December 23rd – Thursday before Christmas


  1. November 26th – Black Friday
  2. December 26th – Boxing Day
  3. November 27th – Saturday after Black Friday


  1. November 13th – the Saturday before Revolution Day
  2. November 15 – Revolution Day (observed)
  3. November 14th – the Sunday before Revolution Day

Some Amazon devices currently cost half the price

You can get deals on Amazon private label products for Black Friday, including the Fire TV Stick, Kindle eBook readers, and Ring video doorbell devices.

There’s even an Echo Dot made to resemble Baby Yoda by The Mandalorian, this is honestly the cutest a smart speaker will ever look.

While many of these discounts are obviously offered on the Amazon marketplace itself, you may not necessarily get the cheapest deals there.

Amazon products are discounted for Black Friday
The picture shows a number of Amazon products that are discounted for Black Friday, including a Kindle reader, Fire Stick, and an Echo Dot in the shape of Baby Yoda.

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“Some sales aren’t really sales”: Jean Chatzky spoke to Newsweek about how not to get stung

Recent research has found that many items that go on sale over Black Friday are not as legitimate as you might think, as many products are overpriced for misleading discounts. So how can you spot them?

Exclusive talk with News week, Jean Chatzky, the host of the Your money Podcast said the best is to “research” and check the price history of the product you want to buy.

Some sales aren’t actually sales. There are shops that regularly offer 25 percent off everything at “Friends & Family” days, for example. If they do the same for the holidays, it doesn’t matter.

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How do stores keep COVID-proof today?

Black Friday is notorious for the crowd gathering in stores to get the best deals before anyone else – but this year it may look different.

Walmart decided to spread its sales throughout the month to draw customers out of its stores and onto its website, with big discounts starting November 22nd.

But rest assured that people in the store will be wearing masks today, and you are encouraged to do so too, as COVID cases rise again across the country.

Best Buy – this year named “Big Box Retailer No. 1 for COVID-19 Security” – carries out “wellness checks” for its employees as well as regular thorough cleaning of the most touched places in its shops. Like most other large stores today, customers are being asked to form an orderly queue to check the numbers going in and out … but will it work?

WHOLE STORY: What stores do to keep buyers safe

Walmart offers huge discounts on smart TVs, robotic vacuums, and games

Walmart started offering early Black Friday deals on November 22nd. Most of these are still available now, which means you can make huge savings on things like 4K Smart TVs, self-draining vacuum cleaners, and various Apple products.

You will find a Here are some of the highlights. The piece also contains links that lead directly to Walmart’s respective product pages for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. You may want to bookmark these in case there is a replenishment later today.

Walmart had other Black Friday deals earlier in the month, but those have now expired.

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