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Applications for federal funding (Perkins Loans, Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants, Pell Grants, and student traineeships) should be completed before the start of the fall semester. Late applications will be accepted with no guarantee that funds will be available at the time of registration and fee payment. Applications must be completed and sent to the Financial Aid Office.

All programs managed by the Grant Office are included in the list Bethel College Catalog. If you have any questions about utility programs, please contact the Financial Aid Office.


Half of the scholarship is credited for each semester. In order to receive your grant for the current year, accounts from the previous year must be paid. The Perkins loan will be deposited into your account after you sign the promissory note. The direct loans are paid for by check or electronic transfer and deposited in your account.

Parental loans for undergraduate students (PLUS) are also available. These loans are not given to students but to parents and repayment begins 60 days after the loan is granted. To take out a Direkt or PLUS loan, you will need to complete an application form and return it to the Bethel College Office of Financial Aid.


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