District commissioners listen to the proposal for the use of the soon-to-be-vacant building (copy) | news



Smith said his plan is for the historic center to be on the second floor of the building and the library to be on the first floor. Additional parking spaces could be used for traveling museum events.

Smith said both the library foundation and the board of trustees had already given their approval to the plan to move forward, although members of either body had not been publicly presented to the Gering City Council with such a proposal or the results of feasibility studies. The next step is to get closer to the town of Low, said Smith, who would then submit the plan to the county.

Smith said he was interested in the entire property and would look for additional tenants on the first floor if the library deal didn’t go well. He said his plans are the same for now, no formal proposals yet.

On another matter that has not yet been officially presented, the commissioners also discussed a missing budget in the village of Melbeta. District clerk Kelly Sides said she had contacted the village clerk and accountant but had not received a budget. The county has until October 15 to correct something, but right now the village is charging a $ 0 tax.

“I think Kelly bent over backwards to reach someone who could get it in, but it’s not happening yet,” said CEO Ken Meyer.



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