The San Antonio Public Library will stop collecting overdue fines as of October



SAN ANTONIO – Fines for overdue books will soon be a thing of the past at the San Antonio Public Library.

As of October 1, according to the city, SAPL will no longer charge fees for late-handed media to facilitate access to library services and resources.

Those who currently owe library fees are still responsible for paying, but users can sign up for payment plans. If users make regular payments on their balance, they can still access the library.

Customers with existing overdue fines are urged to contact their local branch or call 210-207-2500.

The city says removing overdue fines is a step in breaking down barriers to access to libraries. The move will take place with the adoption of the budget for the 2022 financial year by the city council.

“Libraries are there for everyone,” said Paul Stahl, chairman of the SAPL board of trustees, in a press release. “Nobody should be afraid to visit the local library or use the services because they are worried that they will owe money if their book is returned too late.”


Ramiro S. Salazar, Director of SAPL, said, “The elimination of overdue fines is another example of the library’s commitment to providing inclusive and equal access to library services for all.”

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