Dearborn budget angers many + Dearborn police arrest ‘burnout’ drivers


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First today’s weather:

A sporadic shower in the afternoon. High: 78 Low: 59.

Here are today’s top stories from Dearborn:

  1. Some Dearborn residents are upset with city officials latest budget on Tuesday, especially its cuts. Some of the cuts in the new budget include lower spending on health care benefits, capital projects and reductions in the annual pension contribution requirement. (Dearborn Press and Guide)
  2. Three drivers were arrested after the Dearborn Police Commissioner looked out of the office window, sees her doing “burnouts”. They were practically daring officers to come out and get them. (WDIV)
  3. The weapons reform package was passed in the US House of Representatives on Wednesday contained a provision by Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin of Michigan which she first introduced after the fatal Oxford school shooting. (Michigan patch)

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Today in Dearborn:

  • Public Museum Hours – Automotive Hall of Fame (10:00 AM)
  • Dearborn Farmers & Artisans Market – West (2:00pm)
  • Movies in the Parks – City of Dearborn – Community Events (8:00pm)

From my notebook:

  • Dearborn City Government: “Dearborn continues its tradition of marking Flag Day on Tuesday 14 June with a ceremony to respectfully dispose of flags no longer fit for service (Dearborn Government via Facebook)
  • Dearborn Public Library: “Congratulations to Millie who recently completed 1000 pre-kindergarten books at the Bryant Branch Library!” (Dearborn Public Library via Facebook)
  • Dearborn Fire Department: “Today the Michigan State Police conducted a training session with the City of Dearborn leadership. The trainees were department heads from all departments including Mayor Hammoud’s office, the Dearborn Fire Department and the Dearborn Police Department. The purpose was…” (Dearborn Fire Department via Facebook)
  • Dearborn Parks & Recreation: “Dearborn Seniors are invited to Elderfest on August 5th at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center. Admission is free. For more information see” (Dearborn Parks & Recreation via Facebook)

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