Aconyte unveils four new Marvel prose novels due out in spring 2022



In Dominion of the Devourer‘Victor of Doom saw his future for a moment, and now he cannot rest. His obsession with regaining these memories leads him into the mysterious science of geomancy. As he delves into the ancient memories that lie beneath his land, Doom discovers an enormous concentration of power … one that should never be explored. Doom’s excavations and necromancy are destroying the prison of something terrible: the devourer of souls.

Now the devourer can roam Latveria, spreading a plague of soul-hungry vampires. Doom must decide whether to acquire this power or destroy it before his realm ceases to exist.

Reign of the Devourer is the fourth part of the Uncountable miracle line exploring new stories from Marvel’s superheroes and supervillains. These stories bring together the best villains, magical heroes, and more from the remotest corners of the Marvel Universe. Whether it’s seeing a famous confrontation from a different perspective or exploring a piece of a character’s backstory we’ve never seen before, these novels will bring those stories to light and secrets and lost chapters from their rise to power reveal.

Dominion of the Devourer will be available as a trade paperback, e-book and audio book, available in bookstores and online retailers January 4, 2022. Pre-order now!



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