5 ways to earn passive income with crypto in 2022


Interested in growing your cryptocurrency and bitcoin-based passive income streams? Want to know the easiest way to activate the amount of cryptocurrency you are currently earning? As cryptocurrencies become more popular, the chances of earning passive income increase.

Continuous money-making without active participation is the goal of bitcoin’s passive income generation. You can now let your bitcoin work for as long as you like instead of taking unnecessary trading risks, making tedious efforts, or letting it sit there and earn nothing. Take your time setting it up. Once set up, they will continue to make money for you without much work. Here are a few ideas for creating pass cryptocurrency based passive income opportunities to get you started. You can combine a few techniques to create numerous auto-recurring revenue streams.

1. Cloud mining

Configuration: Simple Time investment: Minimal Money required: Minimal How: Through a website

With the development of cloud mining, it is now possible to mine cryptocurrencies using rented cloud computing power without owning or directly executing any special software or equipment. Individuals can participate in bitcoin mining remotely by registering an account and paying a small fee. As a result, cloud mining companies have made mining more accessible and profitable for a wider range of people. Anyone can mine Bitcoin from the comfort of their own home with cloud mining sites Bytebus. Bytebus uses state-of-the-art mining equipment to enable consumers to mine various coins at affordable rates. As a result, they get the best return on their investment from the mining business.

Here are some reasons why users should use Bytebus as their cloud mining platform:
• Sign up and get $10 instantly.
• The website has around 360,000 users from 120 different countries.
• Over a million transactions have been completed since its inception.
• The platform allows you to mine more than ten other cryptos.
• No maintenance or deposit fees.
• Numerous investment options including daily free plans for novice cloud miners and hash rate contracts for various cryptocurrencies including Litecoin stablecoin and Bitcoin.
• It offers a referral program where you can refer friends and earn a 3% commission.
• DDoS mitigation and SSL are used to secure and protect the system.
• A variety of high yield plans are available, with daily interest rates ranging from 2-10%.

Important statistics: Supported Coins: BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, USDC, DASH, etc.

Price: Free Trials starting at $10 with additional cost for continued use This platform allows users to create accounts for themselves and immediately start generating daily passive income.

For more details, website: https://bytebus.com/

2. Referral Programs: Get paid to refer a friend

Configuration: Easy Time Commitment: Limited Budget Required: Free How: Through a website

Numerous cryptocurrency affiliate programs pay you to send new users to their website or app. Participation in referral programs is free. After you create an account, you will be given a unique URL. You can start spreading the link wherever you like including on websites, blogs, forums and social media. You get paid whenever someone uses your connection to sign up or make a purchase. The most important benefit is the ability to quickly start and make money. Even after you put in all that effort, money would continue to come in for days, weeks, months, and even years. Referral programs can be a great way to earn some decent residual income if you currently run a blog or website, or have a large following on social media.

You can start making money even if you don’t invest. You are eligible to receive a 3% referral commission bonus for each purchase made by one of your referrals. For example, you would get $3 free if someone used your referral code to make a $100 transaction.

For more details, website: https://bytebus.com/referralprogram

3. Market NFTs

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are standalone assets maintained on a digital ledger. The wonderful thing about NFTs is that the investment you save can be priceless. You can generate NFTs for anything including digital designs, photography, music, games, GIFs, and even videos.

An NFT is easy to create. You can sign up for an account and follow the minting process step by step using sites like OpenSea (which will involve some additional gas fees).

NFT revenue has already surged past the $10 billion mark despite being a young sector. Entering the area is still possible. Just be aware that both the cost of minting and the time it takes to produce NFTs that sell require an upfront commitment.

4. Online eBook Sales

Self-publishing is common today. There’s a good chance you’re buying a self-published book when you buy an eBook from Amazon. Even self-publishing is absurdly easy. When I tried it a few years ago, I was amazed at the simplicity.

You must write, edit, and create a book’s cover before uploading it to a self-publishing platform like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. But don’t count on success right away. A significant amount of upfront marketing is required before you can turn this into a passive income stream.

Creating prints that you can sell online is a comparable choice. Because printouts don’t take up as much space as an entire eBook, they’re easier to create and allow you to passively capitalize on sales. On the first day of this online course, you will learn how to create goods to sell on Fiverr and Etsy. You will also learn: The Selling E-Printables course.

5. Create an account on YouTube

It is still possible to start a YouTube channel. In the US, a staggering 74% of people use YouTube. That’s a sizeable audience to attract to passive income. The problem? It requires a lot of work in the beginning for little to no reward.

However, a successful YouTube channel has great potential for passive income if you have a long-term perspective and don’t mind preloading your work. As you build content, clicks, views, and grow your audience, passive income streams like affiliate sales, sponsorships, brand integrations, and ads can accumulate.


We’ve included five simple techniques that can help you make huge profits quickly if you’re looking for a new way to earn passive cryptocurrency. Also, they don’t take a lot of time, so start making a lot without stress. You can also easily earn more without doing much.


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