2021 Volunteer Guide: 13 Ways to Give Back in the Bay Area



This community college aims to promote literary skills and employment opportunities for adults. (Courtesy of the adult education center)

For those looking to help out in the Bay Area community, there are several local nonprofit groups that offer volunteering and accept donations. This list is incomplete.


Friends of the Freeman Library

This non-profit supports the Clear Lake City-County’s Freeman Branch Library. Any money raised through the organization helps fund events and services at the library.

Sample Activities: Working in the bookstore, researching, writing, and submitting suggestions

Accepted donations: money

16616 Diana Lane, Houston



Volunteer requirements: application, orientation, under 18 years of age allowed

Helen Hall Library

The Helen Hall Library is located in League City. It offers many volunteer opportunities, including those that can be used for service times.

Sample activities: tutoring, content creation, help with program setup

Accepted donations: money, books

100 W. Walker St., League City



Volunteer requirements: application, orientation, under 18 years of age allowed


Exploration green

Exploration Green is a 178 acre flood control and outdoor recreation area in the Clear Lake area that is turning a former golf course into catchment pools with a variety of other amenities. Volunteers can join the tree, wetland, or prairie teams, each of which has different working days.

Sample Activities: Removing invasive or aggressive species at each of the five stages, counting inventory, preparing plants for soil, weeding, creating wetlands, pruning plants, planting trees and prairie grass

Accepted donations: money, memorial park benches, trees or tables

16205 Diana Lane, Houston


Requirements for volunteers: Orientation, allowed under 18 years of age

Galveston Bay Foundation

The Galveston Bay Foundation’s mission is to preserve and improve Galveston Bay. Interested volunteers can register on the website to help with the Foundation’s next community event or to take part in one of several ongoing volunteer activities.

Sample activities: cleaning up marine litter, marsh grass planting, clearing abandoned crab traps, citizen science, education, e.g. B. with school classes

Accepted donations: money

1725 motorway. 146, Kemah

281-332-3381 ext. 207


Requirements for volunteers: allowed under 18 years of age


The hunger truck

The New York City-based initiative came to Houston in the fall of 2021 and serves meals on Saturdays at changing destinations. Activities such as meal preparation and the creation of care packages are carried out from the MultiCultural Center in Webster. Detailed instructions are shared on site every week. Volunteers must be at least 10 years old.

Sample activities: preparing and cooking food, creating hygiene sets, putting together care packages

Accepted donations: money, kitchen utensils; Prepared meals from restaurants; Paper goods and utensils; Raw meal ingredients including products, meat and cereals; new socks, underwear and blankets for winter relief

951 Tristar Drive, Webster


Requirements for volunteers: Application, allowed under 18 years of age


Bayou animal services

This animal shelter strives to tailor pet adoption to each human’s needs. It offers adoptions and care for animals, and also offers discounts on adoption fees for seniors.

Sample activities: cleaning and feeding animals, walking animals

Accepted donations: money, dog food, cat food

3100 Deats Road, Dickinson



Volunteer requirements: application, orientation, under 18 years of age allowed

Pearland City Adoption Center

The organization of the city of Pearland is committed to the protection of animals and promotes the adoption of their animals. It also provides information on the benefits of spaying and neutering.

Sample activities: walking dogs, helping cats, looking for lost pets, cleaning up adoption center facilities

Accepted donations: money, dog food, cat food, toys

2002 Old Alvin Road, Pearland



Requirements for volunteers: Application, allowed under 18 years of age

League City animal care

The shelter is the only urban non-kill shelter in Galveston County. The offer ranges from the admission of strays to medical treatment to training programs and humane education. Volunteers must be at least 12 years old.

Sample activities: Answering questions and phone calls at reception, supporting adoptive parents with introductory and counseling, carrying out follow-up care for adoption, accepting donations, writing assistance

Donations Accepted: Money, Medical Supplies, Toys, Groceries, Linen, and More, Based on Amazon Wish Lists

755 W. Walker St., League City



Volunteer requirements: application, orientation, under 18 years of age allowed


Community College

This Pearland-based group aims to improve literary skills and employment opportunities for adults. It’s on its three-year strategic plan where it will focus on growing the group.

Sample activities: tutoring, event setup and cleaning, event planning and fundraising

Accepted donations: money, books, office equipment, teaching materials

2246 Washington St., Pearland



Volunteer requirements: application, background check, orientation

Forgotten angels

The foundation helps people with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities. It offers employment, housing and enriching activities.

Sample activities: sorting donations, preparing donations for sale, working in the foundation garden

Accepted Donations: Money, Resale Shop Donations

6302 Broadway St., Ste. 240, Pearland



Requirements for volunteers: application, background check, allowed under 18


The bridge over troubled waters

For more than 40 years, The Bridge has provided education, support, safe spaces, guidance and action steps to people exposed to domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual assault, any form of trauma or abuse, family instability or housing problems. There are personal and virtual opportunities for volunteers. Interested parties can indicate their skills and availability online.

Sample activities: helping with office work, cataloging pantry items, helping with meal preparation, working with children

Donations Accepted: Money, baby supplies, kitchen supplies, and more, based on Amazon and Walmart wish lists

3811 Allen-Genoa Road, Pasadena



Volunteer requirements: application, background check, orientation

Clear Creek Family Promise

This community-based organization aims to address the problem of homelessness in the Clear Creek area. It also helps people find local resources for other problems.

Sample activities: cooking and serving food, playing with children, helping with homework

Donations accepted: money, cars, fuel cards

14550 motorway. 3, Webster



Volunteer requirements: application, background check, orientation, under 18 allowed

Interfaith Welfare Services

The nonprofit helps people who live in the Bay Area with rental expenses, emergency food, supplies, elderly care and school supplies.

Example activities: Making calls, making appointments, sorting groceries, delivering groceries

Accepted donations: money, groceries, dental care products, diapers, pet food, cleaning supplies

151 N. Park Avenue, League City



Volunteer requirements: application, background check, orientation



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