Weitsman invests in Metaverse Virtual Real Estate



Shortly after a large investment in mining cryptocurrencies, a local businessman joins another virtual company.

The digital marketing company Elevator Studio claims to have set up a joint venture with Adam Weitsman to invest in and develop a type of digital property called Metaverse Land that can be accessed virtually.

The company will develop digital entertainment venues, casinos and artistic projects.

The owner of Upstate Shredding and Elevator Studio recently completed a $ 1 million purchase of digital land in Big Time Studios’ multiplayer action RPG. Big Time Studios is involved in a number of well-known gaming sites such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Medal of Honor.

A press release from the marketing firm affiliated with the project said digital real estate purchases have increased recently, with “sales often exceeding $ 100 million a week.”

The publication compares the company to a digital version of the California Gold Rush.

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