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Location: Annex, 095 Second St., Asotin.

Juvenile Services Director Kelly Ryan: Memorandum of Agreement between Nez Perce County and Asotin County – Action Point.

Public hearings: Closure of certain streets / alleys in Anatone, decision to draw up valuation reports for the assessment of building permit fees in the Asotin district, ordinance on the adoption of the International Codes 2018. Public comments on hearings will be sent by e-mail to [email protected] by Friday noon. or by post to Asotin County, PO Box 250, Asotin, WA 99402.

Construction of the official Karst Riggers: Deviation for Richard Grimm at 2353 Florence Lane, conditional use permit for Danny Centenari at 2796 Grandview Drive – promotional items.

Treasurer Holly Tietz: STOP Grant Renewal – Action Point.

Lease for female cattle – action point.

Clarkston High School closing discussion.

Gifts to the school district including $ 2,000 from Twin County United Way towards kindergarten entrance qualifications.

Ratification of the International Union of Industrial Engineers Convention 2021-22 – Action Point.

Public hearing: Six-year transport improvement program 2022.

Location: City Hall, 121 Cleveland St.

Resolutions to change the rental price language to include exceptions to rental prices are intended for occasional use only; Routine and long-term use are assessed independently – action point.

Resolution authorizing the mayor to submit the grant application and accept the grant on behalf of the City of Asotin to the Washington State Office of Public Defense – Action Item.

Asotin County municipality

Location: 1500 Scenic Way, Clarkston

Approval of vouchers and meeting minutes.

Reports from commissioners and managers.

Location: Clarkston Harbor Office at 849 Port Way, Clarkston.

Order for environmental studies in the Red Wolf Marina.

Order to evaluate sediments at the mouth of the Red Wolf Marina.

Approval of staff costs for the 2022 budget and discussion of other parts of the 2022 budget.

Results of the 2019 and 2020 audits.

Executive session for real estate disposition, lease negotiations and potential litigation.

Location: City Library, 411 D St.

Board Meeting for Pending Litigation – Action Point.

Location: City Library, 411 D St.

Consent Agenda, Including Rights-of-Way Dedication, Subdivision of Two 1-acre lots on Park Avenue and Thain Road, and Payable Vouchers – Action Point.

Consider changing your contract with Sanitary Disposal Inc. – Action Item.

Consider a revised record keeping policy and schedule – Action Point.

Consider a contract price change for the Water Treatment Retrofit Agreement with IMCO General Construction for $ 28,234,979 – Action Point.

First reading of an ordinance to include definitions for above-ground utility structures and traffic control systems with regard to exceptions to historical certificates of suitability – action point.

First reading of an ordinance granting Sanitary Disposal Inc. an exclusive franchise for the collection of waste and recyclable materials – action point.

Second and third reading of a regulation establishing airport overlay zones – action point.

Second and third reading of a regulation amending the zoning plan for airport zones – action point.

Second and third reading of an ordinance on the connection of land to the city limits – action point.

Consider changing certain maps in the city’s comprehensive zoning plan – Action Point.

Second and third readings of a regulation stating that certain newly annexed land will be included in the heavy industrial zone – action point.

Second and third reading of an ordinance updating the Area of ​​City Impact map – Action Point.

Consider approving the reasoned opinion for a zone change for Seekins Property Holdings LLC – Action Point.

Discussion and possible direction by the council regarding an open assembly legislative complaint filed by John Bradbury – Action Item.

Discussion and possible advice from the council regarding the disruptive building formerly known as the King Thai Restaurant of the Emperor of India.

Consider the appointments of Cynthia Ball and Kathy Branson to the Planning and Zoning Commission – Action Points.

District Commission of Nez Perce

Location: Brammer Building, 1225 Idaho St.

Consider requesting exemptions from the minimum lot size requirement – Action Points.

Consider the disposition of excess property – action point.

Consider Renewing Public Defense Services with Kwate Law Offices – Action Item.

Consider liens on overdue usage charges imposed by the City of Lewiston, Lewiston Orchards Sewer District, Central Orchards Sewer District, and Business Improvement District – Action Point.

Consider authorizing the treasurer to add unpaid waste fees to the client’s tax bills – action point.

Consider approving certified unpaid homestead recoveries applied to property tax 2019 – Action Point.

Consider an agreement with Clearwater County – Action Point.

Consider making a Memorandum of Understanding with Lewiston’s YWCA – Action Point.

Location: Port of Lewiston Office, 1626 Sixth Ave. N., Lewiston.

Update on the sale of land for the planned veterans clinic.

Discussion of the schedule for the announcement of the position of General Manager.

Executive session on hiring an employee and trade negotiations.

Lewiston Planning and Zoning Commission

Time: 5:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Location: Bell building, 215 D St.

Review the reasoned statement for a Conditional Use Permit to Add Two Apartment Buildings at 508 Southway Drive – Action Point.

Public hearing on a proposal for a proposed settlement change at Canyon Crest Estates – Action Point.

Initiation of a change in the zone code in order to remove an article about non-functional vehicle memories from the zone code – action point.

Public hearing on an application for a Conditional Use License from Jake Graco to manufacture kitchen cabinets at 3010 East Main St. – Action Point.

Initiate a change in zone code to add basement exit windows to the list of exempted items in the Normal Hill Heritage Overlay Zone – Action Point.

Wheatland Fire Protection District

Time: 5:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Location: 7301 Lapwai Road, Lewiston.

Lewiston Disability Advisory Commission

Location: Town Hall, 1134 F St.

Discussion of the next priorities and goals of the commission.

Lewis-Clark Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization

Bills – Action Point.

Review senior mobility grant applications.

Review the proposed changes to the purchasing policy.

Changes to the traffic improvement plan.

Employee Affairs Board Meeting – Action Point.

Central Orchards Sewer District

Time: 5:30 p.m. Thursday.

Paying Bills – Action Point.

Update of the lift station properties.

Pipe Replacement Project – Action Point.

Central Orchards Sewer District

Discussion and consideration with the city administration regarding the wastewater treatment costs and the district contract with the city – action point.

Consider changing the next meeting time – Action Point.

Consider a contract with ML Albright for the lift station replacement – action point.

Consider authorizing a designated representative to execute change orders for the lift station project – Action Point.

Consider additional services with JUB Engineers – Action Point.

Consideration of a possible future increase in user charges – action point.

Paying Bills – Action Point.



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