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The members of the Boaz City Council approved the 2022 budget in a meeting on Monday evening.

The budget shows a slight increase in general fund income to $ 15.38 million from $ 14.52 million in 2021.

The total cost is expected to be $ 11.4 million. Transfers to pay for capital projects, road works and debt servicing are projected to be $ 3.9 million.

That leaves a small budget surplus of $ 5,381. Almost $ 33,000 remained in the 2021 budget.

The editions include:

• $ 2.1 million for the state versus $ 1.9 million.

• $ 609,481 in administration, down from $ 539,058

• $ 275,300 for the court instead of $ 230,412

• Equal funding of $ 2.7 million for the police force

• $ 1,691 million in Fire Department funding, up from $ 1.57 million.

• $ 1.7 million for roads, down from $ 1.9 million

• $ 264,150 for the senior center instead of $ 240,652

• $ 1.4 million for parks and recreational activities instead of $ 1.2 million

• $ 451,525 for the library instead of $ 442,788

During the Monday evening meeting, Councilors will also:

• Approved vendor vouchers for $ 138,041. All vouchers are listed separately and displayed in the town hall for public inspection.

• Approval of an Award Award for a building that used to be the Boaz 9 Movie Theater in the Boaz Retail Center, to be demolished by Complete Demolition Services for $ 191,000. Frank’s Thunder Alley Bowling and Tre Regazzi’s Restaurant, among others.

Other bids received included $ 237,143 from Virginia Wrecking Company Inc. and $ 302,100 from Kyser Construction.

A second building in the center, which used to house several stores, including the Snead State College bookstore, could be demolished in the future, said Nick Borden, Boaz Building Inspector.

• Passed an ordinance amending the Business License Ordinance to increase the license fee for certain insurance companies / agents from USD 15 to USD 20. The regulation was presented at the last city council meeting in November.

• The next city council meeting will take place on December 20th. at 6 p.m. in the senior citizen center. The date has changed due to the Christmas holidays.



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