Performing Arts Bookstore Restarts Online



Stage whisper Magazin bought Book Nook, a specialist performing arts bookstore, saved the store from closing, and started a new online shop.

Book Nook was founded over 35 years ago and was due to close earlier this year due to Covid-19 Stage whisper moved to save his collection from a fire sale. Australia’s oldest performing arts bookstore, Book Nook stocks scripts, acting theory and teaching resources, with its primary clients being drama teachers as well as actors and students.

After 25 years in Brisbane, the company moved to Toowoomba and in 2018 to Melbourne. Stage whisper Co-owners David Spicer, a theater agent and journalist, and Neil Litchfield, a former drama teacher, bought Book Nook after former owners Mary and Jo Sutherland retired.

In a statement, Spicer expressed the importance of Book Nook to the performing arts scene. “Book Nook has been a remarkable resource for acting teachers and students over the years, and its disappearance would have left a huge niche in the market. One of the goals of our magazine was to provide a resource for people who put on a musical or a play, so Book Nook is a perfect fit for us. ‘

To celebrate Book Nook’s online launch, 15% of all sales made prior to September 30th will go to the Alliance of Australasian Performing Arts charity fund. Customers also receive a bonus subscription for Stage whisper.

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