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The Linn County Board of Commissioners approved a budget of $224.6 million for the 2022-23 fiscal year Thursday morning.

According to Linn County spokesman Alex Paul, rising inflation was a key factor in preparing this year’s budget.

The budget, with a tax rate of $1.27 per $1,000 appraised value, was previously approved by the Linn County Fair & Expo Center’s six-member budget committee.

Commissioners Roger Nyquist, Will Tucker and Sherrie Springer all sit on the committee, in addition to Jennifer Stanaway, Kerri Johnson and Melissa Barnard.

Treasurer Michelle Hawkins presented the commissioners with the previously approved $221.8 million budget Thursday, but with an additional nearly $3 million earmarked by the state of Oregon for the Department of Health.

Commissioner Nyquist said he will only vote to pass the budget pending more details on how the Department of Health intends to use the funds, which the county did not request but received automatically.

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The law enforcement levy is $2.98 per $1,000 of appraised value and will help fund the Linn County Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney/Law Library and Juvenile Division.

The General Fund is nearly $53.9 million, including a performance fee of approximately $1.2 million.

Other funds included in the budget include: Road Fund, $42.5 million; Fair Fund, $527,000; Law Library, $290,501; General Grants Fund, $29.9 million; Bike and Pedestrian Fund, $114,368; Comer Preservation Fund, $618,384; Historical Fund, $37,501; County Forest Park Fund, $1.1 million; Health Fund, $48.8 million; County School Fund, $2 million; Federal Forests Title3/Restricted Fund, $235,000; and Unemployment Insurance Fund $1.6 million.

The 4-H & Extension Service District budget was also approved Thursday morning, totaling $967,047 with a tax rate of 7 cents per appraised $1,000 worth.

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