Is PetroChina (PTR) currently a value stock?


While the time-tested Zacks Rank puts an emphasis on earnings estimates and valuation revisions to find strong stocks, we also know that investors tend to develop their own individual strategies. With that in mind, we’re always looking for value, growth, and dynamic trends to discover great companies.

Of these, perhaps no stock market trend is more popular than value investing, a strategy that has proven successful in all possible market environments. Value investors use a variety of methods, including proven valuation metrics, to find these stocks.

Fortunately, Zacks has developed its own style scores system to help find stocks with certain characteristics. Value investors will be interested in the “Value” category of the system. Stocks with both “A” ratings in the Value category and those with high Zacks ranks are some of the strongest value stocks on the market right now.

One company to keep an eye out for right now is PetroChina (PTR). PTR currently has a Zacks rank of # 1 (Strong Buy) and a value rating of A. The stock is trading at a P / E of 8.89, which is the industry average of 11.83. For the past 52 weeks, PTR’s forward P / E was as high as 1,467.25 and as low as 7.74, with a median of 20.58.

Investors should also realize that the PTR has a P / B ratio of 0.39. The P / B is a method of comparing the market value of a stock to its book value, which is defined as total assets minus total liabilities. This stock’s P / E ratio looks attractive compared to the industry’s average P / E ratio of 1.10. Last year the P / B of the PTR was 0.39 and 0.26 with a median of 0.31.

These are just a few of the key metrics featured in PetroChina’s strong value score, but they do show the stock is likely undervalued right now. Given the strength of its earnings outlook, PTR looks like an impressive value stock right now.

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